WHY Sponsor the SWA?

The SWA runs (we think) the greatest windsurfing series in the UK. For the 2013-2014 season, we have teamed up with some of the biggest names in the industry to bring you a line of truly epic prizes for each event. The best student riders from around the country will be battling it out to win the top prizes. The prizes for the SWA event series are:

North/Fanatic Freestyle Series in association with:


1.    North Fanatic - A brand new shiny FANATIC SKATE (On loan for 1 year, after this period the board is to be given back to North/Fanatic or purchased at a very reduced price)

2.    Boardwise/North/Fanatic - A North Sail

3.    An Ion Harness

  • Demo kit will be provided for use for anyone - BOARDWISE

Puravida Wave Series in association with:


1.    Puravida/North/Fanatic - A brand new fanatic Wave Board.
On loan for 1 year, after this period the board is to be given back to North/Fanatic or purchased at a very reduced price)

2.    Hotsails - A brand new Quad sail

3.    Two Spartan wetsuits – 1 for the prize winner and 1 for their club.

  • North/Fanatic are providing 4 complete sets of amazing 2012 demo wave gear for use in the competition!!!!  (4 person heats)
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Gaastra/Tabou Racing Series in association with:

Seafarer holidays

1.    A brand new Gaastra sail

2.    A free Seafarer Holiday

3.    Gaastra TBC

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Boardwise/RRD Team Racing Series

The racing will take place on RRD FireRace Boards

1.    £250 Boardwise voucher for their club

2.    £100 Boardwise voucher for their club

3.   £50 Boardwise voucher for their club

The winner of each core event's team racing will receive £100 of Boardwise vouchers for their club

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SWA Tushingham Queen of the Year in association with:


All females who compete are entered - calculated by adding all results together. Beginners?Intermediates?advanced riders can all win, de get stuck in!
1.    Brand new Tushingham sail (taken from the brand new range for 2014 yet to be unveiled to the public) + a golden diamante crown (a prize no money can buy)

2.    Aeron boom

3.    Radz extension

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SWA Patrik King of the year in association with:

Patrik UK and Spartan

All males who compete are entered - calculated by adding all results together. Behinners/Intermediates?advanced riders can all win, so get stuck in!
  1. Patrik - One year's sponsorship + a brand new Sailoft sail and a board, both of which are on loan for a year (these can be purchased at a very reduced price at hte end of the year) + a golden diamante crown ) a prixe no money can buy)
  2. Two Spartan wetsuits (1 for their club) and a Dahab Apartments voucher
  3. A Spartan Wetsuit

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Overall University Windsurf Club of the Year in association with:

Tushingham/Starboard/SamRoss Windsurfing

1.    A days coaching with MR SAM ROSS + Dahab Appartments voucher for your club!
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Last year's winner:http://boards.mpora.com/news/learning-to-windsurf-in-40-knots-easier-said-than-done.html

To be in with a  chance encourage as many members of your club to come to events, put on their wetsuits and get stuck into the competitions, whatever level they are!
The live leader board has a nice complicated description of who earns what fortheir windsurf club. Basically, you need as many people entering the competitions in all disciplines (race, freestyle and wave) as you can get. If a beginner enters a freestyle competition -- no matter how well he/she does hey will score waaaay better than all of the other beginners who haven't entered. This gives their club a definite advantage.

SWA Sponsors 2013-14: 

Boardwise:Platinum boardwise__logo
The boardwise demo van is a huge contributor to the life and soul of the SWA events. They work tirelessly to give students the chance to try out the latest kit available, packing a whopping £30,000 worth of demo kit for our (careful) exploitation!  Boardwise are one of the UK's largest windsurfing retailers, stocking many of the major brands with 4 shops in England and Scotland. They also have a particularly large selection of second hand stock for the hard up students among you.
Headlining the wave series this season, puravida are known throughout the south west of the UK for being a premier supporter of university clubs, sponsoring Cardiff, Bristol and Bath to name a few.  Jim is not only a skilled veteran wave sailor, but also one of the most experienced wave event officials around.  He is also known for organising and running the infamous BWA events.  This year we have teamed up to make the SWA wave series even more epic and try to filter the next generation of ripping wavesailors into the BWA.  Furthermore, Puravida are the hottest new custom board company in the UK, the wave series winner will be fortunate enough to win a bespoke double carbon wave custom!
RRD:Gold RRD-circle
Teamrider Adam Sims is a product of the SWA, one of the hottest names in the sport, he keeps hold of his SWA roots and brings us lots of shiny sexy RRD kit to play with! Key sponsor to the Team race series, Boardwise have generously purchased 5 boards from RRD to bring for the universities to battle it out on the hottest freerace kit in the industry.  One of which is the series prize!
North/Fanatic are headlining the freestyle series with our buddies Boardwise and also supporting Puravida in the wave series.  The Baker boys know the SWA are the next generation of UK windsurfers and are endeavouring to provide the sickest prizes to all of their associated series including a 2012 Fanatic SKATE.  Furthermore, they are working with Puravida to put out 4 sets of kick ass wave kit for use in the wave series heats!  We at the SWA are very excited about North Fanatic as never before have we had a sponsor lend us such top kit for use in the waves, no more excuses!
Tushingham Starboard are sponsoring the Individual Race Series with Spartan, providing a great prize and sending Muzza to Aussie Kiss to share his freestyle knowledge with the newschool crowd
BOARDS mag are supporting the UK Student Windsurfing cause, helping us to get more people on the water and showing the UK that the SWA is the driving force in the future of windsurfing.  By kindly contributing ad space and 10 free subscriptions to be won at our events throughout the year, BOARDS have confirmed themselves as a committed sponsor.
This British company is going from strength to strength with it reputation for warm comfortable affordable suits. John from Spartan will be hitting the lakeside hard at Roadford this year at Aussie Kiss, Giving us loads of kit to keep us toasty warm though out the coming winter. They are providing all sorts of prizes throughout the season - sponsoring Aussie Kiss as well as the individual racing and wave series throughout the year.  Quite simply, they are putting the hottest new UK riders in the hottest new UK suits. John will also be doing some chick chats at AK and demoing at the nationals so go say hi!
Patrik Diethelm:
In the words of Patrik himself, “ Not just a brand! Truly living the sport itself. Ideas, innovations, products, support and a closeness to our customers that is as natural as the daily activity on our toys.” Patrik is now being headed up by ex SWA member Adam Sims and is set to support the ladies overall series for 2012/2013. We look forward to seeing Adam and all his toys at events this year.
Sam Ross:
Arguably the most enthusiastic windsurfer of all time! Sam’s love of the sport and passion to share this with others is infectious. Sam has a really talent in helping others improve their windsurfing and we are extremely grateful for his continued support and we look forward to seeing him at events this year. 
Sail Loft:Bronze   SailLoft  
Sailloft’s mission is to utilize modern laminate technology as used for yacht sails, to build light windsurf sails with perfect performance. They are the first company to dare this adventure, and the results so far have been extremely promising. We are very excited to welcome them onboard for 2012/2013 and look forward to trying out their products soon. 
Seafarer Holidays:Bronze  Seafarer Holidays BW A new sponsor for 2013/2014 Seafarer provide brilliant holidays to the bed at extremely competitive prices. They will be hosting the 2014 SWA holiday and we are extremely pleased to have them on board.
Dahab Apartments:Bronze  Dahab Apartments BW A new sponsor for 2013/2014 - James Hoare and Simon Hayhurst have both completed many seasons out in Dahab, falling in love with its reliable wind, charming people and cheap prices. As a result they have set up Dahab apartments which rent out apartments in Dahab at very cheap prices for short or long term holidays. The guys can also sort out lessons, kit hire, transfers, diving and much much more so do get in touch!
Maui Hot Sails:Bronze  Hot Sails Maui BW  A new sponsor for 2013/2014 – Maui Hot Sails are increasing their popularity in the UK. Arguably the

best looking sails on the beaches that are well priced and offer a great performance. We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with Maui Hot Sails in the future.
 Supersaturated:Bronze supersaturated-small  
If you have seen supersaturated’s video from this year’s AK then this company needs no introduction! We are very excited to have these guys onboard for 2012/13, they made some sick t-shirts for this year’s AK and offer a great clothing service for all universities with ‘the University of Supersaturated’ which brings together the lifestyle of the Supersaturated brand with their expertise in designing ethical and rad clothing so as to offer all clubs around the country who want to be a part of the lifestyle an opportunity to organise their official clothing. 
GetWindsurfing:Bronze  getwindsurfing-small  
The enthusiastic duo of Phil Richards and Danielle Lucas form GetWindsurfing. Many of you many have been introduced to them at Nationals in 2011, when they provided free coaching to all levels. We are delighted to have them onboard for 2012/2013 and one lucky winner walked away with a clinic they donated at Aussie Kiss. GetWindsurfing also offer a unique holiday service that all Universities can use, and their clinics offer one of the best ways to improve your windsurfing.
Windsurf Coaching:Bronze  windsurfcoaching-small  
Windsurf Coaching was started as a joint effort between Colin 'Whippy' Dixon and Marco 'Dancing' Wedele. Using the newest and best techniques and equipment they use their combined experience* to give you the ultimate windsurf coaching experience. The have recently brought out their new instructional DVD – “GoPro with Colin and Marco” which is flying off the shelves. Colin and Marco ran some great clinics at this year’s AK and we look forward seeing them at more events soon.

*more coaching hours than Alex Ferguson (that may a little exaggeration) but they've done a lot over the last ten years. 
BWA:Bronze BWA_circle
The next step after being a student in the SWA is to move on and be a part of the BWA (and still be XSWA). The BWA host the UK wave series and we are working together to ensure a smoooooth transition into graduate competition.  The top 3 wave series riders will receive free membership for their first year!
Gaastra/Tabou:Bronze gastra_tabou2
Tabou Gaastra are once again on hand to support the fairer sex by sponsoring the Overall Ladies series in association with Powerex.  The distributer Rich Marsh is well know on the SWA circuit for generously bringing loads of great kit  to our events and giving great advice on rigging and equipment technicalities.  One of our most loyal and committed sponsors, we welcome Tabou/Gaastra to our 2011/12 season.
Globalshots:Bronze globalshots
Top windsurfer Jay Haysey of Globalshots has been successfully capturing event, action and lifestyle photography since 2006.  Jay works with all the top names to create images that bring the action and the emotions to life.  It's a combination of Jay’s background, his unique personality and his well trained eye that allow him to capture moments that others would miss, and deliver outstanding results.  In association with our media team at Aussie Kiss, Jay will be providing a taste to those unable to attend through his exciting dynamic photography.  Globalshots will also be providing stash and by popular demand, an action photography clinic to any budding amateurs out there.  Bring your camera and get some expert tips and setup for free!
XPLG:Bronze XPLG-small  
XPLG - Xtreme Playground are a professional windsurfing events and marketing company who run the most prestigious freestyle windsurfing competition to have ever hit the UK, King of the Wind: The UK's round of the European Freestyle Pro Tour.  The event takes place around the beginning of November each year and XPLG do everything they can to incorporate the student body into this great event. 

XPLG also run coach based European windsurf tours, so look out for their 2013 Podersdorf PWA trip, to the largest windsurf festival in the world.
FLOW:Bronze FLOW-bw
For Ladies Of Windsurfing is designed specifically for female windsurfers. Founded by Amy Carter, the website is brimming full of stories, experiences, tips and pointers all relevant to the fairer sex within the sport. It sets a clear aim to not only encourage more females into windsurfing, but also to provide a much needed support system and a sense of community for those already enjoying the sport.  The SWA are completely behind Amy's aim of getting more chicks to the beach and we massively encourage female participation in all of our events where there are lots of prizes for grabs.
Lifeboat Tea:Bronze lifeboattea
Perfect to warm your cockles and cure your hangovers at the lakeside, Lifeboat Tea is a lovely full-flavoured, family-owned tea that has been created to provide sustainable funding for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) - the charity that saves lives at sea.

Industry Associate:


The RYA is windsurfing’s governing body. They have lots of advice and offer loads of support to the SWA. If you get a Windsurfing membership with the RYA, it includes 3rd party insurance cover and many other benefits. Check out their windsurfing pages here...

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