It’s that time of year again folks, Pondlife’s back for more drinking, dancing and debauchery! So get ready for the perfect conditions that usually accompany Pondlife; loads of wind, sick waves and absolutely NO snow (subject to terms and conditions)

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Brace yourself. The first SWA event of 2015! Rhos Ness Monster II is here, hosted by Bangor University. Head down for a weekend of crazy waves, beautiful atmosphere, howling wind, powerful shapes, cheap drinks and of course the intense lashing environment the is the megalopolis* of Bangor - all for just £20!

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Throughout the Kingdom, tales are told of a land far north, a city of fantasy and legend. Tales of

strong wind and stronger parties, which have oft been forgot in the mists of time and alcohol. Each

year, a pilgrimage is made by those of legendary status to the mystical land. Those people are you,

student windsurfers of the UK, the city is Liverpool, and the date is the 7th-9th of November.

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