The Student Windsurfing Association
An elite band of dedicated windsurfers from UWE, Bristol and Exeter competing to decide which uni truly is ruler of the seas!!

The event was decided by competitions in Drinking, Speed Rigging, Speed sailing, Freestyle and Hangtime...



This was undoubtedly THE most unorganized university varsity in existence but my god did it ROCK!


UWE started the weekend well by taking the drinking respect prize, mainly due to Charlie (blond) Payne's talents with tequilla slammers, putting the rest of the alcopop downing drinkers to shame!


The Extreme speed rigging contest was fought between Beaker-UWE, Stu-Bristol and Nicky-Exeter. Despite most people believing Exeter took this due to some malicious rumer-mongering it was in fact won by Beaker who even found time to taunt the others before re-rigging his boom with new harness lines. (nice try nicky!)


Everyone had an awesome time either on the water with exmouth giving us perfect 5.4m cross-shore sunny conditions, or off the water with Sarah-Exeter showing the boys how to really hang-time on a kite. Charlie brown did amuse us with his bottom skidmarks down the beach tho...


At the end of the session when everyone was totally spent it was decided to hold a deciding freestyle expression session which consisted of numerous downwind 360 attempts, fiercely competative 'point-at-the-judges-while-gybeing-and-boomeranging-the-sail-out-of-the-gybe' moves... (we really need a more catchy name for that...) plus endless vulcans but savage took the biscuit for Exeter with his grubby attempts.


The blast off at the end was a close battle between Stu, Beaker and Savage again with Sav taking it due to his superior kit and weight advantage (plus the fact he didn't start at his allocated time!)


So Exeter were crowned winners of the second ever varsity with UWE second and Bristol third mainly due to their unfortunatly low turnout.


Who will take the trophy off Exeter next year?

Who knows...

See you all on the beach!

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