The Student Windsurfing Association


Described by the immortal words of Whitney Houston: "It's not right, but it's OK"...

 speed sailing is back!


At last the bigger members of the student windsurfing association can come into the open about the real reason they've been dieting on kebabs and beer rather than carbo-loading like other real atheletes - speed sailing!

Speed sailing has been out of fashion for many years, largly due to the rise of 'cooler' disciplines such as freestyle, but now that windsurfers again hold the water speed record (is this correct?) speed sailing is back.

Although its good fun just drag racing against each other on the local beach, that doesn't answer the question "how fast was i actually going?".  GPS's can solve that.  Not only are non-windsurfers more impressed with 34.5mph rather than "really, really fast", if you know your exact speed you can peg yourself accuratly against other people and find out who really is the fastest/fattest.  

With that in mind the SWA has got hold of a GPS and will be holding a speed competition throughout the year.  If you want to compete, borrow the GPS at one of the SWA events for 15 minutes, at the end of your session show it to Big Bob or one of the committee and your max speed will be recorded here. The person with the highest speed at the end of the year wins. Simple. 

We will also be holding an open competition, where any speed recorded can be entered, but needs to be verified by other SWA members. 

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