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"Nolimitz Student Wave Classic"

On the 1st and 2nd December 2001, Bangor held their now legendary "Nolimitz Student Wave Classic". It did not produce the 40 Knots as seen the year before but any sailor that could get on and fall off had great fun (The same criteria applied to the dance floor on the Saturday night!)!

  • Location - Rhosneigr, North Wales
  • Weather - Marginal, with slight swell
  • Party - "T" party!
  • Attendance - 80+


"Possibly the best skinny masts known to man!" - JP
Also links to the flyingshingle team UK - Some renowned oldboys from the past
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See the event photos:

Chase the brass monkey

On the 16th and 17th February, 2002, as the permafrost was slowly melting, Birmingham held their second inter-university event, "Chase the brass monkey"!

Saturday saw little wind, but the bouncy castle and IMCO racing (on land) was enough to keep the frostbite away!! This event is all about getting the student windsurfers back together, partying, after the winter break. So land based activities are in abundance!

Sunday saw the first use of the new BIC Techno/Lodey fleet. Well done to Cardiff for winning overall, and a big thanks to Birmingham for organising the event.

  • Location - Chase Water Reservoir 30 minutes from Birmingham
  • Weather - Light winds, but plenty of bouncy castle action to keep everyone amused
  • Party - Funky, Fluffy, Fury, Fantastic!
  • Attendance - 60+



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  • Results


    IMCO Racing (on Land!) - Rules : Teams of 8 - One person has to be on IMCO long board (no sail), the rest of team race around the figure of 8 course carrying board and sailor! First team wins

    • Race 1 - Cardiff Win
    • Race 2 - Southampton Win
    • Race 3 - Cambridge/Southampton Draw!

    IMCO Freestyle (also on land!) - Rules : Teams of 8 - One (or two!) people on IMCO long board (no sail). Teams marked out of 10 for best freestyle moves!

    • Cardiff Win - only one heat - too dangerous for 2nd round!

    Bouncy dramatics - Rules : Best re-enactment of any scene, from any film, whilst bouncing continuously on the bouncy castle!

    • Birmingham Win with end scene from Italian Job! Michael Caine "Don't bounce"!!


    Techno/Lodey Racing - Rules - Students dress in rubber suits, attempt to get board and sail around an arbitrary course (aka "Windsurfing"!). First sailor wins

    • Cardiff Win

See the event photos:

BUSA Student Nationals

On the 16th and 17th of March, 2002, Southampton held the ultimate event in the student windsurfing calendar - The BUSA student nationals. They were once again, the largest event of the year. The conditions were light to marginal, beginners were in their element and a battle of tactics emerged in the advanced fleet.

Saturday night saw the legendary boat cruise, sway in to action after the pre-punch party got everyone in to the groove, and a great night was forgotten by all!

What an event, and thanks goes to all those involved in the organisation. Special thanks are also required for the generosity of all the companies that supported the event.

  • Location - Calshot Activity Centre nr Southhampton
  • Weather - Light to Marginal winds
  • Party - Each Uni chooses own theme
  • Attendance - 160+



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TEAM RESULTS (Based on a team of 3)

  • 1st Southampton with 143 points
  • 2nd Cambridge with 197 points
  • 3rd Cardiff with 447 points
  • 4th Bath with 772 points
  • 5th Bristol with 969 points

    Division 2 (Intermediate)

    • 1st: Peter Richards - Leeds
    • 2nd: Tanneguay Villiard - Leeds
    • 3rd: John Parker - Sheffield
    • 1st Lady: Kerry Moores - St M & St J
    • 2nd Lady: Claire Humphrey - Durham
    • 2nd Lady: Emma Gray - Bristol

    Division 3 (Beginners)

    • 1st: Andy Ogden - Bristol
    • 2nd: Chris Cooper - Cardiff
    • 3rd: Nicholas Galpin - Sheffield
    • 1st Lady: Sarah Mott - Cardiff
    • 2nd Lady: Martha Sedgwick - Cardiff
    • 3rd Lady: Jo Harmmer - Soton

    See the event photos:

"Lord of the Springs" - "An event to bind them all!"

On the 2nd and 3rd of March, 2002, Cambridge held their truly legendary "Spring" event. In the past we've had, "spring-thor", "spring-onion" and "spring-chicken". This years "Lord of the Springs" was an event to bind them all. One of the biggest parties yet was held on the Saturday night following the Tolkin theme, and the racing was second to none - finally we had an event with planing conditions to really test the Technos, and by all accounts - they were great.

  • Location - Grafham Reservoir 40 minutes from Cambridge
  • Weather - Marginal/Fresh winds, planing conditions (YES!)
  • Party - Lord of the Rings
  • Attendance - 120+


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See the event photos & forum:

Cardiff's 'Search for the Baylord'!

Drink, Drunk, Punk!! Was this quite possibly the best student event yet? Ugggh, it feels like it was!!

The weekend was full of comedy and crazy antics from start to end. There was some nakedness on the Friday and it just increased as the event went on.

Many students left broken a weary on Sunday having well and truly spanked themselves! Just see the photos below from the saturday night to see what spanking your self looks like!

A big, big thank you to Cardiff for hosting it. This was a punk-ass madness that we come to expect at student least we have three weeks to recover before the next event at Rhosneigr!!

  • Location - Cardiff Bay
  • Weather - Light winds on Sat, Fresh on Sun
  • Party - PUNK!
  • Attendance - 150+ Windsurfers, 300 at the Social!!

Check out the photos to recall your favorite moments

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