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The Student Windsurfing Association
This event is hosted on Anglesey in North Wales with Funsport at Rhosneigr beach and Bangor university.
There is a solid south wind and good swell forecast for saturday and more South Westerly winds coming in and growing swell for Sunday, with plenty of beach available all through the day to run the competition!
The format for the weekend is as follows:
We will aim to run the main competition in the best side shore conditions on offer across the weekend.
9am - Beach check, rig up kit and heat draw for the competition will take place, all riders need to be signed in by 9.30
10am - Briefing at Funsport Shop, all competitors must attend,  first possible start 10.30
4pm - last possible heat
We are running a Student Super Session with coaching and tips from local sailors and some top tips for the conditions.  The Expression Session format will be run and photographed to find the ‘best jump’, ‘best wave’ and maybe even  ‘best wipeout’ ……all images will be viewed online at www.boards.co.uk the following week so that you can log on and vote for the top 3.  We will welcome images from any budding photographers who might want to capture the action!
12pm - Briefing at Funsport Shop, all competitors must attend,  first possible start 12.30
2pm - Expression Session finishes
3pm - Prize giving at Funsport/Beach Cafe.
Please make sure you attend the briefings so you know about any changes or updates based on the conditions each day.
The beach cafe will be open all weekend with special meals on for students, competitors and spectators alike so please come along and enjoy the action!!
Nigel and Geoff from the BWA should be around across the weekend if you would like to find out more about the upcoming British Wave Tour dates and how to get involved and take part!
I would like to say a huge thanks to our hosts at Funsport and the Beach Cafe and guest judges ‘Bucky Funsport’, Steve Laddiman' and 'Ben Page' as well as the Bangor uni students that will be helping us to run this competition across the stormy weekend!
Jim Brooks - Puravida Boardriders.


The weekend of the 5th-7th February will see Rhosneigr beach host the second event of the Puravida SWA Wave Series.

Back in December the students went head to head with an insane forecast of 6m waves and 50 knots at the first event in Plymouth. After some nail-biting rounds, Matt Cox was victorious having managed 7 proper turns on a logo high set, snatching the victory from Sara Kellett, who went all out in the big waves.

These two are likely hoping to build on their success with some great competition at Bangor, however they will be facing tough competition from those who narrowly missed the podium, as well as a few notable absentees, including defending series champion Louis Morris of Bristol, who suffered an unfortunate incident involving a roof rack en route to Plymouth


We chatted to some of the podium potentials about what they were expecting, and who they were expecting to bring the big tricks. 


Matt Cox – Plymouth, Tabou/GA Sails

PlymEx Result: 1st

Are you going to Rhossy?

I am going to Rhossy, I don't have huge expectations for the competition though I've been off the water for the last month with a shoulder injury so i'm mainly looking forward to getting sailing again and having fun in conditions that I don't normally get to sail in.

Been out much over winter?

It has been a pretty good winter until I tore my shoulder been windy pretty much everyday

Biggest competition:

I would say my favourite to win is either Ben page or Tom Bennett-Lloyd. But Sara Kellett might just surprise them both.

Matt Cox at Plymexe (by Danya Schwertfeger)


Sara Kellett – UWE, Tushingham/Starboard/Mystic

PlymEx Result: 2nd

Are you going to Rhossy?

I came 2nd at Plymex which I was super happy with. I should hopefully be able to make it to Rhossy, especially if the forecast looks good. I love windsurfing there as the waves are really playful and good for both jumping and riding. Also last year there were quite a few girls competing which was great to see. It's a good place to learn the basics of wave windsurfing if there is anyone out there thinking of trying it for the first time.

Been out much over winter?

I got a bit of sailing in over Christmas when it was nice and warm and windy, but hardly been on the water the whole of 2016 because of exams and uni and stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to get on the water this weekend for some practise.

Biggest competition:

To win I suppose I just have to hope for a bit of luck. but if Louis Morris and Ben Page are there and on form it will be a tough competition. Then there's Matt Cox who won down in Cornwall, and Tom Bennett-Lloyd who's a bit of a local Rhossy sailor so either of them could win it too.

Sara Kellett - at Plymexe (photo by Danya Schwertfeger)


 Louis Morris (photo by Simon Burgess)


Will Matt manage to stay top of the podium? Or will local sailor Tom Bennett-Lloyd pull off a home victory? Whatever happens it promises to be a great weekend of windsurfing, tickets available now!


Tom Bennett-Lloyd (photo by Dave White)

At the end of last year we saw yet another successful collaboration between Plymouth and Exeter university to bring us PlymEx 2015: Rumble in the Jungle wave event. With the arrival of gale force winds threatening to cancel the competition, only the hardiest of windsurfers were brave enough to challenge the elements head on. The combination of big waves and high winds meant for a spectacular competition with some impressive aerials, turns and even more impressive wipeouts!


  • 1st – Matt Cox (Plymouth, Tabou/GA Sails)
  • 2nd – Sara Kellett (UWE, Tushingham/Starboard/Mystic)
  • 3rd – Tom Bennett-Lloyd (Bangor)
  • 4th – Tom Pidden (Nottingham)
  • 5th –  Charlie Gilman (Southampton, Puravida/Severne)

Below is an extract from an article written by our very own Ben Page and posted by one of our sponsors on boards.co.uk:

A forecast for 6m waves and 50knots is something that would have even the most experienced wave sailors quivering with nervous anticipation. This is exactly what the sailors of the Student Windsurfing Association (SWA) had facing them in the run up to the first event of the year on Saturday 5th December. 

Read the full article at 

Brace yourself. The first SWA event of 2016! Rhos Ness Monster III is here, hosted by Bangor University. Head down for a weekend of crazy waves, beautiful atmosphere, howling wind, powerful shapes, cheap drinks and of course the intense lashing environment the is the megalopolis* of Bangor - all for just £20!


Friday 5th - Sunday 7th January

What's included?

During both days we'll be heading down to Rhosneigr beach on the lovely Isle of Anglesey to catch some ridiculous North Welsh waves after a lovely cooked breakfast provided by your hosts. Hot dinner will be provided on Saturday night before that night's lash commences.

Both nights we have hooked you up with free entry to a select few of Bangor's huge** choice of nightclubs, incredible drinks deals as well!

Fancy dress theme 



Meet at the Old Glan on Friday evening from 6pm to register, receive you wristbands and be allocated to a lovely**** member of Bangor Windsurf Club who will be your host for the weekend!

Friday Night - Old Glan 210 High Street LL57 1NY

Daytime - Rhosneigr, meeting at Funsport (the shop on the beach,) 1 Beach Terrace, Rhosneigr, Anglesey, LL64 5QB)

Hope to see lots of you there for another epic weekend of windsurfing and***** lashing in the lovely City of Bangor, centre of the universe, nerve centre of the North, colourful academic capital of North Wales, city of dreams, guiding light of civilization, capital of charm, metropolis of mirth. Bangor may be small but with lots of training from the one and only Taffy Osborne we sure now know how to party!******* So make sure you don't miss out of the first of these classic events, 2016!

Who blame all the *s on 

Text - Kathy Dicken, B.U.W.C.

Notes - Taffy Osborne, S.W.P.

What all the *s mean

* This is a real word.

** There's like 5. We're going to the best (cheapest.)

*** Looking hot is not an option. (Don't tell any actual Scot)

**** A girl wrote this, can you tell? I removed most of the !'s

***** More of an and/or******

****** Party not optional.

******* They didn't before. Fixed it. Feel free to provide further education.

Also note - this is exactly the same text as last year if you noticed, that's because it's going to be just as good, probably far better. We're so busy making it awesome we resorted to copy and paste.

Last weekend saw Birmingham play host to one hundred students for their debut event, Up The Brum. This event was the first in the annual core windsurf series, and was eagerly anticipated in the wake of Aussie Kiss kicking off the event tour back in November.

Saturday saw the arrival of the gale force winds the forecast had promised. The advanced guys took to the water to enjoy the conditions on some of the demo kit kindly brought by Boardwise and Patrik Sailoft. After refuelling on a selection of hot food, the windsurfers headed back out for the freestyle competition. With the competition being the second event in the freestyle series, competitors were keen to impress and gain vital points for their rankings. The high winds meant some big moves were attempted by the series favourites, as the beginners looked on in awe from the warmth of the club house. After finishing 2nd at Aussie Kiss, Charlie Wilson of Southampton was victorious. Also impressing the judges were Alex Parker of Cardiff and Leo Calnan of Southampton, who rounded out the podium.

Celebrating the days’ activities, the windsurfers headed out onto Broad Street in an array of fancy dress, ranging from ‘the chicken and the egg’ to ‘dinosaurs’ and ‘the big bang’.

Sunday saw an early start for a big day of competition. Eager to get out on the water, the beginners got some practice under the supervision of a team of volunteer instructors, working on their tacks and gybes before the racing later in the afternoon.

With the wind forecast to drop, competition kicked off early in the day with the team racing. With all podium teams from Aussie Kiss in attendance, it was expected to be a tightly contested event, and didn't disappoint. Heat one saw Cardiff and Birmingham ease to victory over Liverpool and Birmingham 2; and in heat two Cardiff showed why they were defending champions, easing through their heat, accompanied by Bristol. Imperial weren't able to show the prowess demonstrated at Aussie Kiss and unfortunately missed out on a place in the final. In the end, Cardiff continued their dominance and were victorious with superior gybes and changeovers, with Bristol not far behind. The battle for the final podium position fell subject to a nasty shift in the wind, with Birmingham coming out on top after an upwind fight to the buoy.

Final results

  • 1st – Cardiff
  • 2nd – Bristol
  • 3rd – Birmingham

Coming straight from the team racing, many competitors went straight into the advanced racing. Split into three heats, sixteen guys and girls fought their way round the course. In the end, it was the top three from the freestyle competition who were victorious, showing skill across a range of disciplines. Charlie Wilson narrowly edged out fellow Southampton team mate Leo Calnan, and Alex Parker from Cardiff completed the podium.

Charlie Wilson (Southampton)

Next up was the intermediate sailors. With the wind slightly calmer than the preceding storm, it was the perfect opportunity for them to show what they could do. After a fantastic gybe round the buoy, Lizzy Delva of Birmingham was victorious, closely followed by James Metcalfe of Imperial and Pablo Tarodo of Bristol.

Wanting to put into practice the skills they’d practiced earlier, the beginners rounded off the day’s competition. Managing to avoid the worst of the collision chaos, Lucy Gosling from Birmingham was victorious after much vocal encouragement from her home club. Coming in just behind her was Alice Gwyn-Jones from Keele and Adrian Castro Gavira of Imperial.

Beginner Racing

The event wrapped up with prize giving, with some fantastic prizes for the competition winners kindly donated by Boardwise. Cardiff were also rewarded for their team race success with a demo day provided by Patrik Sailoft. The event was a great success, with Birmingham having surprised everyone as a windsurfing location, thanks to the accommodating Chasewater Sailing Club. The next event, BrUWE in February is now eagerly anticipated by all.


Tom Taylor (Birmingham)