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By far the best way to get to Morocco is to spend several weeks sauntering down there in vans via the wonderful delights of France and the Iberian peninsular, before casually hopping over to africa from southern Spain.  Given the opportunity I would love to do it like this, taking 2 months off to drive there, but a general lack of money / van / time off work is working against me at the moment and an alternative approach is needed...

So myself (Henry), Chris Addison and Jo Haywood are going to do Morocco the "Easy" way, leaving the UK on the 12th August and returning only 8 days later on the 20th.  Short of booking ourselves on some EasyJet flights to Marrakesh we've not planned anything yet, but we've got another 9 days yet and more importantly Bramah managed it before us, so surely we can do it?

So who are we?  We're all ex-cambridge students who have all been on the SWA scene for far too long - Chris and I were both at the first ever SWA event 'plastic fantastic' in Birmingham!  Anyway, here we are...

Chris Addison

(picture to come)

Chris first went to Oxford, studying chemistry there for 4 years before realising that it was a rubbish university and changing to Cambridge to do a phd in theoretical chemistry.  Now that he is one of the best in the world at modelling polymers using the monte carlo method; he has forsaken all this chemistry knowledge and works for Windsurf Magazine instead.   Upsettingly this means that he gets to windsurf all the time and is probably loads better than me now.

Jo Haywood

(picture to come)

Jo studied chemistry at Cambridge for 4 years, and is now working as a teacher in south london.  This means that although she has to put up with screaming kids all day (class control not being a strong point), she gets 4 times as much holiday as anyone else so can go windsurfing/snowboarding loads.

PS. if you are one of Jo's pupils and reading this: whenever she tries to tell you off do a dance or say something funny and she'll let you off...

Henry Rock-Evans

(picture to come)

I studied engineering at cambridge for 4 years and am now working in north london for an engineering consultancy.  The problem i've found with london is that although it's great for drinking, it's rubbish for windsurfing and i've only been windsurfing properly twice in the last year.  I'm still planning to do my first forward in morocco though. probably off the same wave as sarah does her first forward...

our plans so far involve flying to morocco, then sitting down, having a cup of tea and coming up with a new plan...

hopefully they might have progressed slightly by the time i do my next post.  Don't hold your breath though.

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