The Student Windsurfing Association

Firstly, we hope everyone in the SWA likes the new online payment system. Aron and the webteam spent a lot of time and effort in putting it together so your presidents can have more time organising what is important in the sport, which we all know is flirting..

To help us improve it further we need your vote now on our future payment provider, read on for more info.

With the amount of money passing through the online payment system, it is important we get the right provider for the credit card handling. We are currently using Nochex, which worked well for Aussie Kiss an dthe other events so far in 2007. We had the issue that the system was new so lots of bugs were discovered and fixed so thanks to everyone for your feedback. With nochex we cannot accept payment from Non-UK credit cards but using a friends card is always possible. Currently each individual needs to pay and input their card details each time as no card details are stored.

However Aron is currently looking at the possibility of making the transition to 'Google Checkout', a similar service provider to paypal, world pay and of course Nochex. The main advantages are as follows:-
  • Lower rate being charged by Google 1.5% vs 2.9%. This difference would have made circa200 pounds difference at Aussie Kiss. More entertainment for you!
  • More advanced software, reduces chance of payment not being recorded during a hacker attack. During testing we found that during one weekend, when the server went down a batch of payment was not recorded, this is less likely with Google Checkout.
  • Faster payment process (fewer details to fill in each time) with Google Checkout, as credit card details are stored on the Google website.
  • Possibility of adding uni group payment option for Google Checkout.
The main disadvantage of Google Checkout is however, one MUST register an account with Google Checkout to be able to use their services ~(similar to paypal and other companies). Which, if you don't trust Google means they have your credit card details.

Please vote on the SWA front page poll as to whether you think we should switch to Google Checkout or stay with Nochex.

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