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The Student Windsurfing Association

The Red Bull Storm Chase - possibly the most extreme windsurf show ever – is imminent. Are you ready?


The event organisers are watching out for the biggest storm this autumn, and 22 windsurfers across Europe are waiting for it. On the day it hits, each rider will face the most radical conditions alone, at their homespot. The Red Bull Storm Chase is not a competition, it's simply an irresistible challenge: man vs nature.



The Red Bull Storm Chase riders were announced on August 14th, having been elected through internet voting. Nine countries are included, with two riders waiting in each (with the exception of Germany, which has three locations and six riders). The Storm Chase website received over 60 000 votes from more that 100 countries during the nomination process.


The selected riders include Phil Horrocks and Ben proffitt in England, John Hibbard and Stephen Moore in Scotland, and Timo Mullen and Oisin van Gelderen in Ireland.







From the first of September these windsurfers will be ready to chase the chosen storm, and they will be on stand until November 15th. As soon as the wind gets as strong as a Force 10 or more in one of the regions it will all kick off!


The website (www.redbullstormchase.com) will constantly supply both riders and public with the current storm status. The signal to go for it will be given one day before the storm hits Ireland, and then who knows what will happen!


At each spot, the biggest windsurf action will be filmed by local camera teams; the surf community will be able to relive the Red Bull Storm Chase on DVD from December.




Follow the action on: www.redbullstormchase.com




Click here for an interview with competitor Hans Kristian Waarum, or here for an interview with the only female competitor Emma Johansson.


Watch out on this website for more interviews with some of the competitors... coming soon!




By Emily Koch