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The Student Windsurfing Association

If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for you. Colin Dixon and Andy 'Bubble' Chambers take a TurfDog for a spin...

Two of the UK's best freestylers, Colin 'Whippy' Dixon and Andy 'Bubble' Chambers have recently tried out some moves on a TurfDog, an invention brought to you by x-SWA freestyle guru Adam Cropper.

Click here to ENTER THE VIDEO-ZONE to see how the boys got on. The video clip even includes a few tips from Colin to help you nail your flakas - listen, watch and learn! You may know the boys if you've spent any time at Club Vass, Dahab or Margarita, where they have both been top instructors - so if they endorse the TurfDog as a useful piece of training equipment then maybe we should be taking their advice.

If somehow you've missed the release of this invaluable training tool and have no idea what we're talking about, the TurfDog is a dirt windsurf board, for all levels of ability. Developed here in the UK, TurfDogs can help you to learn everything from beachstarts to carve gybes and even advanced freestyle manoeuvres on land at controlled speed.

You may have already seen TurfDogs in action at SWA events this year across the country - keep on coming to events for your chance to try one out!

Click here (http://turfdog.co.uk/) for more info on TurfDog boards.

Click here (http://www.colink99.com/) to check out Colin's website.

by Emily Koch