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         Meet the SWA Committee 2014-2015

Meet the SWA Committee for 2014-2015

“The Student Windsurf Association (SWA) is a not-for-profit company, set up to promote, coordinate and advance student windsurfing in the UK.”
The SWA was set up in 1999 by three students: JP, Andy and Spleen who were looking for a good time and to get together with like minded people for a bit of a windsurf and a party. See this article for a fuller history lesson.

The Student Windsurfing Association now consists of XX directors and YY enthusiastic committee members keen to help out. All were either presidents of university clubs or heavily involved on their committees. They are a crack team of dedicated volunteers. By day under secret identities they live and work among us, when the SWA sends the signal they emerge from hiding to give students nationwide that windsurfing satisfaction they so crave.

Here's a very brief description of who's who: 


If you want to get in contact with any of us then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



These guys are the old wrinkleys, some of them have been around almost since the humble beginning of the SWA and have got us to where we are today. They have been through the SWA as students and have come out the other end hoping to give others the chance to do the same. Now they oversee the SWA as a company and ensure its successful future.


Will Jones

Formally of Cardiff Uni Will is a dedicated, storm chasing wave sailor. He joined the SWA as media manager in 2011 and The following year took control as SWA president. He took a sabbatical from the SWA last year to seek out the worlds best waves and returns this year in the role of Director. will


Sam Burnett

At uni, SB was an engineer and a major player in the Bath Windsurf Club. Previously he's been the SWA media mogul and was then in charge of sponsorship. For the last 3 years, Sam has been one of the SWA Directors, letting the fresh new committee rise to the challenge but keeping an eye on things from afar.
Often found at West Kirby with the Liverpool crowd throwing down some big crashes or somewhere up the North East coast chasing big cold waves at secret spots, SB likes to keep his hand in with both disciplines.  Day by day he's now a Chartered Marine Engineer and full time weekend warrior
sam burnett


Richard Hofheinz

In 2008, an unsuspecting Fresher was harassed by phone email and Facebook into joining the UWE Windsurf Club. They conned him into parting with his recently acquired student loan to buy his ticket to Aussie Kiss 7. Six years later (despite having finally graduated), he still can’t seem to quit the SWA and is now President!

Like his Baywatch counterpart, The Hoff is passionate about everything SWA and keen to see as many people get involved as possible and at all levels of ability. He's approachable, friendly and an avid supporter of the rules of
BUSWA (in particular those related to drinking!). Don’t be shy, come and say hi! He wants to meet you all!

Secretary and Treasurer:

David Coulthurst

Dave has been kicking around in the SWA for while, managing to balance a degree and doctorate against the myriad temptations of a BrUWE lifestyle. Since moving into the real world he has got more involved in the running of the SWA and now has the dubious honor of being Treasurer/Secretary - generally telling Hoff he can't really afford a fan assisted indoor windsurfing pool, portable jacuzzi bus and all expenses paid trips to Jeri! Dave's windsurfing interests extend past just riding and recently he has been seen viciously attacking boards with power tools and carving lumps of foam into board shapes. dave

Core Events:

Taffy Osborne

Alongside his many, diverse achievements, Taffy once completed a bee keeping course. This budding astrophysicist (retired) has been on the SWA scene and helping out at events for a while. He is extremely welsh and proud of it. Whenever he has a spare month -and an empty wallet- he returns home to work on a sheep farm in North Wales. Surprisingly, given the woolly mop on his head, he doesn’t like working with sheep and eventually the lure of more alcohol and a livelier party scene draws him away from the farm. This doesn’t always go well, once in Bristol, he woke up in “the place where all the homeless people live” while he was working at a call centre. Like a true Watersports Professional, Taffy now has his own watersports centre in Colwyn Bay with actual boats and everything. taffy-profile

Wave Events:

Ben Page

We are lucky to have such a multi-talented man heading up the Wave Series this year. An intellect, a talented windsurfer no doubt with many SWA trophies and some fancy sponsors to show for it, and an occasionally bleached dashing quiff to entice naive new members into his tent.

No caravans for Ben, he believes being closer to nature is the key to his success.

Some say that’s why you mostly find him without any clothes on. Some say they were stolen by a jealous lover. Some say it is another feeble attempt to emulate his attractive Cornish counterpart Mr. Simmonds.

Ben manages to find time from his Medical degree at Southampton (deliberately chosen to maximise his time in the SWA) to scrounge the deepest, filthiest scrubland of Hampshire for some decent chat before the next event. But if that fails, let him just tell you about his windsurfing prowess.

If you are interested in getting involved in wavesailing, or have any questions about this years SWA Wave Series, find or contact Ben. Just remember the 6 inch rule...





Dan Lytton

As one of the youngest members of the SWA committee, Dan turned up as a keen but naive fresher 3 years ago thinking the fact he was Taffy’s cousin would go unnoticed. 

In his time at Exeter he helped create and run the hugely successful Exeter University Windriders, and attended an impressive 18 events in a row before disappearing off to chase the waves in France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco for the last year. 

Now back at university for a Masters, Dan is stepping into some big shoes to help with the Marketing team in the SWA, as well as University Club Development with Sam Ross, Boardwise and Sport England.
If he’s looking stressed out at an event, just find him a beer, or one of your fit freshers!

Website Coordinator:

Chris Watts

Chris has been an active member of the real Southampton's windsurfing club -- known for its adequate drinking and partying behaviour -- since 2013 which makes him one of the oldest and most experienced SWA members on the team. This experience is best reflected by his dashing looks and sensible fancy dress that is never questionable or out of taste.

Chris is great at fixing broken things: phones, Taffy Osbourne, laptops, tom cats, hearts, and Taffy Osbourne which are all common occurences on his operating table. He will also look after any issues you have with the SWA site when he's not hungover.

Chris is lovely and approachable especially when you have a free drink in your hand. He will listen to all your life woes and complications and offer comfort for when you break windsurfing kit that is not yours.

Do make an effort to find him at the 2014/15 SWA events as he is available only on a first-come-first-served basis. 

IT Manager:

Adam Shorland

Ladam Shortlad is a fine example of a technology collaboration between Germany and Japan.

His ability at eating tomato ketchup is known to be one of the best in the world which as it happens was a side effect of having a pick-up-lines module installed in the frontal lobe part of his brain.

Sadly, Ladam is not very gifted below the belt which makes Chris Watts a much more attractive alternative for casual midnight strolls.

Chris Guest

Chris started windsurfing when he was 12 and has never looked back. Speed junky, you will probably see him blasting around on his slalom kit at events instead of doing anything productive. He competes on the UKWA BSA slalom circuit and does a bit of longboard racing on the side - if you're interested in getting into the next level of racing, get in touch! As a Marketing Manager, Chris is responsible for dealing with sponsors and stashing up a load of prizes to hand out at events. 
Outside the SWA, he is in his 5th and final year at Bristol uni, always busy, probably sat in front of a computer and, like most of the SWA, loves the occasional fancy dress.

Roisin Greenup

Roisin, also known as Raisin, is the UK's #5 freestyler for 2014 and has competed on the pro tour since she was 6 years old.

When Raisin was a boy, she was blessed with a third testicle which gave her the initial windsurfing power that has lead her through to be successful today. Tragically, all three of these were crushed from a failed duck-gybe-flaka-gozzada in 2012.

Raisin is not currently interested in female partners[1]. The next best alternative for those interested is the world's #1 freestyler Chris Watts.

Olivier Ayache

Olivier is the second most English member of the team after Taffy Osbourne. It's often noted that he carries emergency scones in his back pocket at SWA events and tea bags for dunking in his double-vodka lemonades.

Olivier was recently upgraded to beginner level after successfully uphauling his sail on dry land. His targets for this year are to uphaul a sail on water, but he hasn't ruled out the possibility that he may fall in.

He also has a particular fondness for photos of grandparents. Catch up with him at any windsurfing event this year to show him those lovely black-and-white pictures of your nan and grandad's wedding or their first time playing bowls together. 

Instructor Team Coordinator

Filip Markiewicz

Flip is a chunky monkey full of love… he sucks at waves, sinks freestyle boards, is really good at NOT planing in storm winds… but what he lacks in buoyancy he makes up 1 million times over in enthusiasm and love for windsurfing and the SWA. Having been a member of Southampton University Windsurfing Club for many years, he has passion for cross-dressing and winning, and often achieves both at the same time.  flip

Kate O'Flynn

Kate, also known as Cougar, is a 52 year old single man from Bristol. Over the past 5 years, Cougar has been collecting the souls of student windsurfers at SWA events through an elaborate mechanism involving cake, white vans, and non-stick frying pans.

Because of the danger she poses, the SWA's insurance policy dictates that students must consume plenty of the natural deterrent known as "alcohol" at night to prevent attacks.

Cougar was taught to windsurf from an early age by her family heirloom windsurfing board called Roisin Greenup who blessed her with the ability to do wave sailing in 5 knots of wind and collect souls from fellow students.

Her aims for this year are to not get spaffed on.


If you want to get in contact with any of us then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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