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The Student Windsurfing Association

Rider: Big bob joy love

D of B: 21/09/83   
Height: 6"ish
Weight: 85kg
Years windsurfing:10
Sponsors: Student finance direct, southampton uni and Spot on water
Favourite Fancy Dress:    Astronaut or little Bo peep
Favourite Windsurf Move: One handed forward
Local Beach:   Avon, christchurch
Favourite Spot:  Gwithers, or Porth Colman (north wales special spot)
Favourite Drink:  HSD, its rocket fuel!
Favourite Board:  AHD Kauli pro 56 
Favourite Sail: 4.7 North Ice
Biggest Fears: My van mungo breaking down
Biggest Wave Ever Ridden: Mast and abit, Moulay Bouzkqtune, Morroco
Years Competing:  4 Years of swa and this is my first year of UKWA
Best Result to Date:

1st 2005 student speed, 1st student christchurch unity pro-am supercross, 1st Exeter Student wave event 2005 and 2006

1stBusa Student nationals

Bob forward looping down at Avon beach park