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SWA committee 11-12

         Meet the SWA Committee 2011-2012

Meet the SWA Committee

“The Student Windsurf Association (SWA) is a not-for-profit company, set up to promote, coordinate and advance student windsurfing in the UK.”
The SWA was set up in 1999 by three students: JP, Andy and Spleen who were looking for a good time and to get together with like minded people for a bit of a windsurf and a party. See this article for a fuller history lesson.

The Student Windsurfing Association now consists of 3 directors and 8 enthusiastic committee members keen to help out. All were either presidents of university clubs or heavily involved on their committees. Here's a very brief description of who's who:


If you want to get in contact with any of us then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



These guys are the old wrinkleys, some of them have been around almost since the humble beginning of the SWA and have got us to where we are today. They have been through the SWA as students and have come out the other end hoping to give others the chance to do the same. Now they over see the SWA as a company and ensure its successful future.


Chris Beng

For a man who once said that injuring his shoulders was his biggest fear... Chris has recently had an unlucky run of backloops... Unlike Beaker, Chris brings maturity as well as experience to the SWA committee. He’s also an ex SWA team rider! beng-profile


Beaker Lindley

Beaker is here to make old people feel younger. This stalwart of the SWA has been on the scene for what feels like forever, and makes it his business to go to lots of events and know almost everyone in the SWA. He has the uncanny ability to get blinding drunk in Exeter and then to wake up at 6 to catch the train back to Bristol and the serious business of a career.



Sam Burnett

At uni, SB was an engineer and a major player in the Bath Windsurf Club. Previously he has been the SWA media mogul and was then in charge of sponsorship. He has just reached the giddy heights of Directorship. sb-profile


Will Jones

The brand new SWA President!
Like any self respecting ex (SWA) Media Baron, Will is fully prepared to use any means at his disposal (including private investigators) to keep tabs on and to keep us in line. He is a very approachable bossman so long as you remember one rule... Guard your phones...

Secretary and Treasurer:

Amy Taylor

After a year abroad in Chile, SuperTails ran events at Exeter -where her job on the side was deciding fancy dress themes- before graduating to the SWA. The inventor of Gin Sunday (possibly the best day in the week), Tails is a fancy dress extraordinaire. Especially during the infamous 80’s Power Hour, she is possibly the most passionate drunken dancer on the team*.

* Passionate does not always equal good.

Core Events:

Taffy Osborne

Alongside his many, diverse achievements, Taffy once completed a bee keeping course. This budding astrophysicist (retired) has been on the SWA scene and helping out at events for a while. He is extremely welsh and proud of it. Whenever he has a spare month -and an empty wallet- he returns home to work on a sheep farm in North Wales. Surprisingly, given the woolly mop on his head, he doesn’t like working with sheep and eventually the lure of more alcohol and a livelier party scene draws him away from the farm. This doesn’t always go well, once in Bristol, he woke up in “the place where all the homeless people live” while he was working at a call centre. Like a true Watersports Professional, Taffy is on the verge of a major business breakthrough by running his own centre. taffy-profile

Wave Events:

Ed Chapman

Ed, is one of those nuts who will spontaneously drive seven hours for a wave forecast. A soon to be commercial aviator, this guy from Portsmouth Uni is one of those sick windsurfers who is also very well known on the circuit outside of the SWA. We nearly missed him, he used to be a sailor before he saw the light and committed (almost) full time to the great world of windsurfing. ed-profile


Duncan Dumbreck

Duncan is possibly the keenest wave sailor in the SWA, he’s also still a student at Bangor and spends every second he can cutting up the kite surfers at Rhossy. He is a keen photographer and has been snapped wandering around Bristol at 2am with a very seedy french moustache.

He heads up a strong media team, working on increasing the profile of the SWA with articles in all the coolest magazines and lots of shiny photographs. He is also the author of your favourite SWA Monthly articles.


Jo Wright

Jo started windsurfing at the tender age of 11. Apparently, good news travels far (especially about Aussie Kiss), Jo hit her first SWA event back in 2009 whilst in the 6th form and still at school. The greatness of AK8 has kept her interested and involved from then onwards to Exeter University. She has travelled around a lot working for Neilson, competed at Formula, Slalom, Freestyle, Wave, Tandem Windsurfing and Course Racing. Besides being a talented windsurfer, Jo is the SWA marketing queen, in charge of flirting with our amazing sponsors to get you the best deal and make sure we have lots of big names to put on our stash and awesome prizes to give you guys at the events. jo-profile


Lisa Kingston

Lisa is the BBL's partner in wine. A huge fan of drinking and mincing, but also great at getting things done, Lisa Kingston (from Kingston University!) runs the SWA part of the Student Extreme Games at Beach Break and will make sure you have a good time. lisa-profile

IT and Communications:

Tom Badass-Thornhill

It is well known that Badass was the keenest member of the Exeter Windsurf Club ever, and never one to turn down a challenge he is now trying for the title of keenest SWA committee member! His dedication means that even though he is fleeing to India until February, he will remain in charge of sorting out your IT woes and making sure the emails get to the right person from a far, such is the beauty of the interweb... tom-profilee

If you want to get in contact with any of us then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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