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Meet the Boardseeker Babe of the Year…

Girls, listen up – this lady is the only one to get into the Red Bull Storm Chase – an inspirational figure for our big campaign to Get the Girls on Boards this year!


And boys – say hello to the Boardseeker Babe of the Year.

Things are pretty good for Emma Johansson. She tells us why she’s given up being a student for the time being, and what it’s like to be voted windsurfing’s hottest girl…

24 in October

Sail number?

Where do you live?
In Sweden at the moment.

Where's your favourite place to windsurf?
There are so many good spots and together with my friends it can be fun to windsurf almost everywhere. Here at home on the island Öland is for sure one of my favourites. 

Where in the world would you like to windsurf if you could?
I haven’t been on Maui yet, so I can’t say it’s the best place yet, even if so many people keep telling me that it is. I really like to travel around and explore new places so I would love to be able to stay 1 month on each place I want to visit and travel around the world.

How long have you windsurfed for?

It’s 5 years since I learnt the basics, like waterstart, harness…

What's your favourite move?
Forwardloop! It’s a move I never get bored of, it’s always fun with the rotation!!

What made you apply to the Red Bull Storm Chase?
A friend of mine said she was thinking about it, so I thought I should do it too. And when I saw the other girls entering in the other countries I thought I could do it too, I have nothing to lose. It’s also a very cool thing that also non-windsurfing people are interested in.

What kit will you be taking out when the storm hits?
My smallest gear of course. I guess I’m the smallest person of the Redbull participants so I should invest in even smaller gear than I have now, like a simmer vision 3.0. Icon 3.4 is my smallest sail at the moment and on the day x it will feel like a big sail. My smallest wave board is an allwave75 which is great for the conditions I sail in, especially here in Sweden. It might feel a bit big when the storm comes, but I think it’s good to use a board that I’m used to in extreme conditions like that.

How does it feel to be the only girl elected for the challenge?
Both good and bad. I feel sorry for the other girls who didn’t make it in the final, it would have been cool to have a few more to show how good we can sail. But I feel honoured that so many people has voted for me, so I’m going to do my best. 

What's your current student status?
I’m on a break at the moment, I started to study marketing, but there wasn’t time enough for that and windsurfing full time. I really want to continue, but for that I need better sponsor deals so I don’t have to work between the competitions/training/travels. Distance study is something I’m considering.

What are your hopes for the future?
To live as a professional windsurfer and getting paid for training, competing and travelling. I love to write so it would be great to write for some windsurfing/travel/lifestyle/adventure magazines while I’m away. Marketing is also something I find very interesting so I would like to finish my studies and work with something concerning windsurfing, extreme sports etc, between/during my trips.

How does it feel to be voted Boardseeker Babe of the Year?
I’m a competitor so all kind of victory feels great of course. It’s nothing compared to be on the podium after a real freestyle/wave competition. But it feels good that at least someone who can windsurf won. 

 Click here for more info about Emma.

Interview by Emily Koch

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