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Profile of the Norwegian student taking on the elements in the Red Bull Storm Chase

Red Bull Storm Chase Competitor, Hans Kristian Waarum, is one of our contemporaries – a student who would rather windsurf than study. We decided to find out a bit more about him…






Age:  23




Sail number:  N257




Hometown: a town called Grimstad on the south coast of Norway, but when it’s firing, I usually stay on the west coast.




Where's your favourite place to windsurf?: I have a lot of favourites, I went to Chile last year and that must be the best place I’ve been. But also West Australia is just amazing...






Where in the world would you like to windsurf if you could? Chile!!!!




How long have you windsurfed for?: About six years




What's your favourite move?: Must be a really high arial off the lip on a mast high wave..




Why the Red Bull Storm Chase?: Just thought it was a good concept, and all my friends said that I should apply.





What kit will you be taking out when the storm hits?: Well I just got my new voodoo sails from North, and a new Starboard Evo from my sponsor which is a shop in called Srfsnosk8. I have my 3.4 ready for the storm, but it all depends on the conditions we’re going to sail in of course...I’m ready for anything!!!!




What are you studying?: I’m sort of putting together a degree to become a teacher. This year I’m studying Theology at a school called Ansgarskolen in Kristiansand in Norway.




What comes first, studying or windsurfing?: I like to sort of windsurf when the conditions are good, and study when it’s quiet. I don’t have any classes a have to go to, so I can pretty much study on my own when I have the time...




The future?: Well right now my goal is to finish my degree and hopefully get to travel a lot the next few years on the PWA tour, and just for free sailing...I’m also into surfing, so I hope I will get the chance to go on a few surf trips over the next few years...




Who’s the hottest girl on the SWA committee?!: Marketing Manager [that'd be Jen Moran then!] ..She is hot....



Final thoughts… Hope to see you guys on the water!!!


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Interview by Emily Koch






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