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Jo Scott tells the girls why they should be getting on boards and giving the boys a run for their money!

As the SWA pushes for more girls to get on boards at AK5, who better to talk to than one of the biggest ambassadors for womens windsurfing - at all levels of ability - the lovely Jo Scott...

Where are you from originally in the UK?

I was born and bred in Sevenoaks in Kent.
Where's home now?

Home is wherever I lay my harness! I work for Club Vass, Club Dahab and Club Margarita and I have done on a full time basis for the last four years so these places are where I spend most of my time.
Who are you sponsored by?

I am sponsored by Severne, Starboard, and Board Angels

How and when did you get into windsurfing?

By complete fluke really. I went on a diving holiday in Barbados a few years ago and loved it so I ditched my job to do a Divemaster course with an instructor training company. I then discovered sailing and windsurfing along the way. I ended up in Vassiliki, got a job behind the bar, learned to windsurf and the rest is history.
What level of ability are you now?

I am a level 5 instructor (or advanced instructor as it is now known). I am starting to get vulcans and moving towards more aerial freestyle. I’m a big fan of old school, however, and do spend a lot of time on moves that keep me closer to the water! Duck 360’s, backwind gybes, duck tacks etc
What's your trademark move?

I guess if that would have to be the push tack. It’s one of my favourite moves. It feels good and it was the first freestyle manoeuvre that I learned.
What's your involvement in the world of windsurfing?

I’m involved at quite a few levels. Firstly I work for Club Vass as a full time instructor. I also head up Club Vass Divas which is a women only week that I run 5 or 6 times a year at Club Vass and Club Dahab, which are growing in popularity. I am taking part in my first competition this year (national Freestyle Finals at Poole) and I am also the girlfriend of Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers which pretty much means that windsurfing is my entire life.

 Is windsurfing more difficult for the fairer sex?

I think getting into the sport is easy for both sexes but as with anything physical the guys will always have the edge as far as ability is concerned. They are more competitive, less fearful and have more physical strength and stamina. Girls rely much more on good technique and tend not to advance as quickly as guys particularly when it comes to freestyle. But girls can only compare themselves amongst each other. To compare yourself against a guy is just ridiculous.
what tips would you have for girls wanting to get into the sport?

Get some good instruction. It makes all the difference. Don’t set your goals too high and look for your achievements and not your failures. Mental attitude is half of the sport.
why should more girls takeup windsurfing?

Because it’s so much fun. Its good for you physically. It’s a sport you do outside surrounded by nature. It’s extremely sociable. It gives you an excuse to go on holiday and the guys are hot! What are you waiting for!

what kit is there around that is aimed specifically at ladies?

There is very little kit that is designed specifically for women although there is kit that is branded with girls in mind. For example Starboard have their Diva boards, which are essentially standard Carves but they have a soft deck, a smaller fin and look cool with their flower designs. Tushingham produce a Mustang sail, which has a lower centre of effort for smaller people. But basically all girls’ need is kit that is light and easy to use so narrow diameter, preferably carbon, booms and 100% carbon RDM (skinny) masts will make the world of difference in terms of weight, ease of use and extended time on the water.

anything else you want to say...?

Windsurfing is an incredible sport. Once you start it will become a way of life. It has so much diversity and so much to offer at every level that it’s hard not to become addicted. There are events happening all the time UK and abroad and there are loads of opportunities to get involved. Support our sport and spread the love! 
A big thanks to Jo!

Interview by Emily Koch

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