The Student Windsurfing Association

Rider: Gordon

D of B: 





11 stone

Years Windsurfing: 






Favourite Fancy Dress:

Party bag

Favourite Windsurf Move:


Local Beach:


Favourite Spot:


Favourite Drink:

'Doom Bar'

Favourite Board: 

F2 Chilli 99

Favourite Sail:

5.0 Ezzy Wave

Biggest Fears:

Snapping my board!

Biggest Wave Ever Ridden: 

Logo high Daymer Bay

Years Competing:

3 years of SWA

Best Result to Date:

2nd Boardwise student freestyle tour

Rider:Tanya Saleh

D of B:19/09/84
Weight: 58kgs
Years Windsurfing: 6
Sponsors: Fat Face, Naish, Sola
University: Bristol
Favourite Fancy Dress: The Beach!!!! (minimal effort)
Favourite Windsurf Move:Table top
Local Beach: Weston-super-mare (at uni), Hill Head (home)
Favourite Spot:Majanincho
Favourite Drink:White Russian
Favourite Board: Naish wave 60
Favourite Sail:4.5 session (naish)
Biggest Fears:Being so injured that it prevents me from sailing
Biggest Wave Ever Ridden:Mast high, Compton- Isle of Wight
Years Competing: 3
Best Result to Date:4th women?s triple crown 2004

Find out how tanya got on in tiree in october 2005

An elite band of SWA sailors have been awarded a sponsorship deal by the SWA. These Jedi knights of the SWA scene will battle their way through the UKWA circuits in an effort to conquor the seas. Maybe one day you could join the chosen few! Find out more about the sailors here. The team are also looking for sponsors to help them in their quest for windsurfing domination. Travelling around the country competing is not a cheap venture but does provide huge potential for promotion so if you're interested in getting involved in the most proactive and lively competitors on the national windsurf circuit then get in contact with the SWA committee.

2008-10 Team: (Left to Right) Steve "SJ" Jarvis, Sarah Bibby, Stef Hilder, Seb Willis, Chris Beng, Joe O'Callaghan.
(Not pictured) Nick Moffat, Tom Malin

Chris Beng


D of B:   22/11/1981
 Height: 5'9
Weight: 68kg
Years Windsurfing: 5
Learnt to Windsurf: Grafham Water near Huntingdon
University: Imperial College London
Sponsors: BooHai Clothing, Boardwise, Severne Sails
Favourite Kit: Chili 99 and 5.3 Severne S1
Favourite Windsurf Move: Shaka
Moves in the Pipeline: Switch moves, esliders, punetas
Local Beach: Hayling Island
Favourite Spot: Dahab
Favourite Fancy Dress:  Pub Golf
Favourite Drink: Mojito
Biggest Fears: Injuring my shoulders
Biggest Day Sailed: Logo plus at Hayling
Years Competing: 3
Best Results: SWA Wave Champion 2008,  SWA Freestyle Vice-Champion 2008, Windfest Amateur Freestyle Champion 2007
Future Plans:  Improve my wave sailing and just keep pushing myself and promoting the sport


Joe O'Callaghan


D of B:   27/10/88
 Height: 5'10
Weight: 70kg
Years Windsurfing: 12
Learnt to Windsurf: in a swimming pool! (mini bic!!)
University: St Mary's
Sponsors: Animal/North/F2
Favourite Kit: F2 Chilli
Favourite Windsurf Move: Ponch
Moves in the Pipeline: Eslider
Local Beach: Avon Beach
Favourite Spot: Gwithian (Cornwall) / Compton Bay (Isle of Wight)
Favourite Fancy Dress:  Mafioso
Favourite Drink: Malibu/JD and Coke (or beer!...)
Biggest Fears: Kit failure in 15ft waves (it has happened!)
Biggest Day Sailed: Mast high at Costa Teguise (Lanzorotte)
Years Competing: 9
Best Results: 8 times National freestyle and racing National Champion  SWA Freestyle Champion 2008
Future Plans:  Compete in UKWA and international representing the SWA




Sarah Bibby

D of B: 27/03/87
Height 165cm
 Weight: 60kg
Years Windsurfing:  about 4
Learnt to Windsurf: On holiday with Sunsail in Antigua, since then, the UK
University: Southampton
Sponsors: None as yet
Favourite Kit: My Taboo freestyle 100l (as battered as it is!)
Favourite Windsurf Move: Ponch
Moves in the Pipeline: Perfecting loops, learning vulcans
Local Beach: Avon Beach Park for waves, Poole Harbour for freestyle
Favourite Spot: Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Favourite Fancy Dress: Morris Dancers, covered in bells!
Favourite Drink: Juicy cocktails/caipiriña!
Biggest Fears Breaking myself so I can't sail!
Biggest Day Sailed: Head to logo at Avon
Years Competing: 2
Best Results:

1st female freestyle at SWA Nottingham Pondlife 07, 1st female wave at SWA Exeter Marazion

Future Plans: Compete in the UKWA, continue with SWA and improve wavesailing in Morocco this summer




Seb Willis

D of B: 1988

Height: I like to think 6ft

Weight:  Recent beer consumption dependent, call it 65-70Kg

Years Windsurfing:  Not enough

Learnt to Windsurf:  North sea, chilly to say the least

University:  Cardiff

Sponsors:  SB Windwise, my rents.

Favourite Kit:  Tushy Rock 4.7 and F2 guerilla 71

Favourite Windsurf Move:  Push loop forward but their a little way off yet

Moves in the Pipeline:  loops, I'd like to say chacho's but it's gonna take time

Local Beach:  Rest bay

Favourite Spot:  Tiree

Favourite Fancy Dress:  Superhero's

Favourite Drink:  Something strong

Biggest Fears:  Breaking kit (i wish i was sponsored)

Biggest Day Sailed:  mmm Tiree, smallish swell (head high) but 3.3 weather and stacked

Years Competing:  20, life's a competition!

Best Results: Cardiff SWA wave event 1st and Exeter 3rd

Future Plans: Windsurf!





D of B:  23/11/88

Height:  6'0"

Weight:  75kg

Years Windsurfing:  10

Learnt to Windsurf:   At Calshot

University:  University of Southampton....woop

Sponsors:  Fanatic/North/Pro Limit/4 Boards.....and University of Southampton

Favourite Kit:  Something small on a big Wave

Favourite Windsurf Move:  Air Chacho...Landed one

Moves in the Pipeline:  Air chacho I guess (need more height)

Local Beach:  Avon Beach Park

Favourite Spot:   Any side off punhy wave.

Favourite Fancy Dress:  A white sheet and a marker pen...The possibilities are endless

Favourite Drink:  Budweiser.....then on to the VKRB's

Biggest Fears:   Small waves and light winds

Biggest Day Sailed:  Woolacombe this winter mast and a bit

Years Competing:  8 Months

Best Results:  1st SWA Exeter wave X

   3rd Youth Tiree

  11th Pro UKWA Ireland 2008

Future Plans:  Windsurf lots, Have a good time over the summer...Fuerteventura!!!!

Level of blood in Alco Stream: Low





Stef Hilder

D of B:  19/07/1987

Height:  5'11

Weight:  78kg

Years Windsurfing:  nearly 3

Learnt to Windsurf:  Where I teach sailing - Gwent Adventures at Llandegfedd reservoir

University:  Southampton

Sponsors:  Rat Rigs

Favourite Kit:  4.7 and my Evo 74

Favourite Windsurf Move:  Wave 360

Moves in the Pipeline:  Air Chachoos (fruitloops), Vulcans, Push Loops, Takas

Local Beach:  Avon Beach Park

Favourite Spot:  Avon/Highcliff

Favourite Fancy Dress:  Beach!

Favourite Drink:  A nice cold pint

Biggest Fears:  Being unable to sail

Biggest Day Sailed:  Solid logo high and a bit at Highcliff

Years Competing:  2

Best Results:  3rd SWA mens Freestyle Nottingham + Aussie Kiss

Future Plans:  Compete in the UKWA wave and freewave series, and sail as much as possible!!






Nick Moffatt


D of B:  29/06/82 

Height:  6’1’’ 

Weight:  82kg 

Years Windsurfing:  12

Learnt to Windsurf:  in spain and italy on summer holidays, thanks dad!

University: Uni of Nottingham graduate 01-04, Bath Spa 08, Bath Uni 08-09

Sponsors:  Goya


 Pat Love




Favourite Kit:  81 goya custom and 4.4 goya wave3d

Favourite Windsurf Move:  big smack off the top

Moves in the Pipeline:  watch this space!

Local Beach:  anywhere uk is my local at the moment…

Favourite Spot:  Gwithian

Favourite Fancy Dress:  cowboys/girls, not condoning riding bareback mind

Favourite Drink:  vodka lemon fanta, Vassiliki style (that's 80%vodka…)

Biggest Fears:  serious injury

Biggest Day Sailed: mast and half, big, messy and rippy, Perrenporth, on my own,

                                                Sep '07 NNW F6-7

Years Competing:  Here and there occasionally since 5 years ago

Best Results:  traveling the world for a number of years working in

                                                Windsurfing/holiday industry/coaching

Future Plans: keep progressing as much and as fast as possible wherever I am with

                                                the free time I have available, enjoy windsurfing for as long as

                                                possible, sail with fun people in new places, keep coaching and being

                                                involved with the windsurf industry






Tom Malin

D of B:   21/04/85
Height: 6'1
Weight: 67kg
Years Windsurfing: 9
Learnt to Windsurf: Broxbourne Lake, Essex
University: U.W.E
Sponsors: SWA
Favourite Kit: Evo 70 & 4.0 Gastraa Manic...It makes everything so weightless and fun
Favourite Windsurf Move: Good bottom turn and top turn for sure...maybe pushloops
Moves in the Pipeline: Landing clean ponches
Local Beach: Weston Supermare
Favourite Spot: Gwithian (Cornwall) or Daymer (Cornwall)
Favourite Fancy Dress:  Bright Fluffy Stuff
Favourite Drink: RUM...or cider...or rum...uuummmm
Biggest Fears: Acting too sensible and growing up
Biggest Day Sailed: Lacelin, WA - Big hold downs!
Years Competing: Entered first proper comp in 2007
Best Results: 1st SWA Cardiff Wave Expression Session
Future Plans:  Have a wicked time in Fuertaventira this summer and then hit every UKWA and SWA comp in the Autumn

SWA-Team 2005-2006

Sam Stevens Big Bob Joylove Hugh Sims-Williams
Tanya Saleh Gordan Margery David 'Lukie' Evans


Hugh became one of the UK's big surprises this year. He broke into the RYA Olympic Men's Squad after spending the winter in Maui, Hawaii.

"I mainly went shopping and met girls! but this was an important time for my windsurfing development. I learnt how to enjoy competition and not get too focused on the outcome"

Hugh started the year by finishing 9th in the Formula fleet at the UKWA South West Cup, but is now ranked 6th in the British Formula Windsurfing Rankings.

"I can only attribute my success to many hours spent in the gym developing my Pectorals!!"

Hugh peaked at the European Formula Windsurfing Championships. Not only did he manage to win a race, but Hugh managed to pick a fight with the biggest guy in the men's fleet, Wojtek Borowskiiiskyski ski, another member of the Starboard Team.

After this fantastic performance Hugh moved to Fuertaventura for a week and learnt that not all windsurfing is boring. He pulled off a forward loop on his first attempt, doing a very high Lazy rotation and sailed away undaunted.

Now the windsurfing warrior has found a new area of interest: the Olympics. Driven by his need to impress his dream wife, a top New Zealand windsurfer, Hugh has made a serious bid on Great Britain?s Olympic Windsurfing future.

"I finished 26th at the worlds with a broken rib! Now that it has been removed, who knows what I can do!!"

So this New Year brings a whole new set of challenges, most obviously: should he or shouldn't he grow his hair? Please send all thoughts directly to his mother's email address.


Hugh is sponsored by Windsurfer's World, Starboard, Tushingham and O'neill wetsuits.

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