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I've been in Dahab for 9 weeks now and the time has just flown by...I was packing up all my kit but was finding it too depressing so have sacked that off to come and tell you guys what i've been up to.

Being a final year medical student does have it's benefits. Whilst most people have gone abroad to work in east african hospitals or do A&E in Chicago or something equally as impressive, I have chosen to come to Dahab and learn about dive medicine....oh and do a spot of windsurfing too!!!

The first couple of weeks out here were insane. My 5.3 never left my quiverbag and I spent at least an hour a day (the benefits of working at a medical centre on the beach) on either 4.7 or 4.0. Since then it's been mainly 5.3 and 4.7. I managed to tear some ligaments in my hand/finger about 4 weeks ago, but luckily there was no wind for 5 days...exactly the amount of time i needed to let them heal enough to windsurf. I did have to sail for another week with them strapped tho.

The wind has been up and down here so I've used the opportunity to go diving, site seeing etc. That said, nothing beats the feeling of spending every possible moment on the water sailing with the Club Dahab crew and anyone else who's around.

I've not really learnt much new but I've had a wicked time out here. UNfortunately everytime the camera comes out of it's case the wind packs up it's bag and leaves. Tomorrow is the last chance to get some footage so hopefully I'll be able to put something together.

Looking forward now to getting back and catching up with everyone and hopefully getting myself down to some events too.

See you all soon

Chris x 

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