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Spring is coming, temperatures are rising to dizzying levels and the stage is set for the world famous climax to the SWA year: BUCS National Championships 2016; The Great Migration! 

Vast movements of ocean and air currents bring dramatic change throughout the year and in a few special places, these seasonal changes create some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth.

One of the most awe inspiring events, takes place in the great open plains of Portland. Once a year 300 student windsurfers gather in the small corner of south England, this is the greatest concentration of wild windsurfers on the planet. But the herds only stay for one weekend before continuing on their epic journey.

The northern edge of the island, is dominated by mount WPNSA, known to the indigenous people as the land of lashtionals. It's one of the many landmarks, that has shaped the windsurf landscape here for centuries.

Prides of Lions, a bind of salmon and a sloth of bears, a spectacle of sorts is set for the annual congregation of the SWA BUCS Nationals: The Great Migration.

Student windsurfers from herds across the lands will group, to hunt their prey, in the avid search for BUCS Medals. There will of course be a fancy dress party of which only the fittest will survive. 

The venue is set in the shadow of the wondrous mount Portland at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. The date is 22nd-24th April, come and join the SWA for this celebration of everything great about windsurfing! 

Bring your tents/vans/yurts/mud huts to occupy a small territory in the wild SWA short grass plains at Northdown Farm, Osmington, Weymouth, Dorset DT3 6ED. Once your accommodation is constructed then head to the Friday night watering hole; where the stocks may dry off, making hunting what few animals remain even more difficult. The pride must keep moving to find food, but gradually the stumbling cubs weaken. Beware, younger, freshers cubs may fall into poor condition, and may not keep up with the adults, and their fate seemingly sealed. However, when the pride is relocated the following morning, the cubs will have somehow survived and been reunited with the adults. 

The herd will face a further challenge as the active volcano mountwindsurferous erupts for the first time since 2015, raining crests down on the plains. Saturday and Sunday will see competition for the strongest of the groups.

These cyclical eruptions play a crucial role in the SWA ecosystem. With the arrival of the first storms, the plains become green and lush. The wildebeest herds return and compete for final points in the SWA series, reuniting at watering holes alike, where the pride can enjoy the good times again.**

Tickets are £36 each!

Dig out your fancy dress, polish your raceboards and we’ll see you there!

**Actual serious & important information to be circulated in Presidents Pack!

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