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It feels like only yesterday that I sat and wrote the ‘AK What to Expect’ guide and here we are now at the end of the season. The results are in, everyone’s caught up on sleep (I hope) and all the big events in the SWA calendar are complete. I’d like to thank everyone who attended events this year, we truly wouldn’t be the same without you. We’d also like to thank our sponsors, Boardwise, C-Monsta, DryRobe, Club Vass, Salt Rock, Buccaneer, and Monster Energy, for their support and awesome prizes. Finally, I’d like to thank the clubs who hosted events this year, we really couldn’t hold events without your help! Now, on to the season wrap-up.

AK22: Rhyme Without Reason

The 2023/24 Season kicked off in a rather rainy South Wales with AK22 as windsurfers old and new descended on Hallets Cidery for some camping up a very steep hill. Friends reunited for partying led by Psyberfunk and DJ Axelle then headed to bed for a big day of windsurfing. Llandegfedd Reservoir was our home for the weekend and before long everyone, from beginners to advanced windsurfers, was out on the water with a series of clinics being run on land. 

Then came time for the Saturday night party which saw many interpretations of the Rhyme Without Reason theme, such as the SWA’s theme Mr Worldwide vs the Corpse Bride. In the morning everyone packed up the campsite and racing got underway at the lake before goodbyes were said and the first event of the series was complete.

Northern Monkey XIII: Superstition 

Liverpool’s Northern Monkey started somewhat unconventionally with an all-uni windsurf club sleepover in a church hall. We first went to Eistens’ for a beer or two and to have a good chinwag. In the morning, after a loud night with lots of snoring, we descended upon the ever-popular West Kirby to a shock, there was wind! Inters and advanced windsurfers swarmed the caravan ready to get out on the water. 

As the sunset, it was time for the partying to begin as we all headed to Arts Bar to sample their speciality cocktails with a flock of black cats in tow in fitting with the Superstitions theme. Everyone was up bright and early Sunday morning for a big day of windsurfing at an equally wind lake with some advance racing going ahead before packing up and heading home.

Sot’on My Face III: The Third Leg

Southampton’s event began at what is rumoured to be Fin’s favourite Lord of the Rings theme bar, the Hobbit, where drinks flowed. In classic windsurfer fashion, the safety briefing started an hour, maybe an hour and a half, late followed up with some inter-racing and the freestyle competition. Soon all were fed at the lake and the exodus into Southampton was underway. Safe to say the locals were not expecting to see Snow White on the bus that night. 

Before too long everyone was up and back at Netley with Pizza provided by Pizza Sorina saving everyone from their hangovers. Winging clinics were underway, with advanced and team racing also happening. Finally, an experimental competition, the ‘Defi Wind’, mile long race finished up the weekend in style.

M-exe-i-can Wave I: Club Tropicana 

The return of a wave event hosted by the lovely Exeter Windriders was next. The Friday night saw the talent of Exeter’s student DJs on show at Cavern. Then onto Saunton Sands on Saturday morning which was uncharacteristically windless. Fortunately, surfboards were on hand so people still managed to get out on the water even if it wasn’t for the intended sport.

Bomba hosted the party for the night with an after-party held at a windy house that was not to be missed. Unfortunately, no wind on Sunday too so back to surfing and games on the shore. Despite the lack of wind an all round return to form for Exeter windsurf.

Cardiff Carnage I: The Comeback 

The rise of another new event came through Cardiff’s carnage-filled weekend. An intimate event where only the most dedicated of windsurfers were in attendance, started with a big night at Taf then Studentville. The return to Llandegfedd was welcomed the next morning (afternoon for some slower to start) where apparently the soup was next level. Racing and beginner tuition were underway and there were smiles all round. 

Will Meek hosted pres where all circuit performers could be seen out in force. Birmingham showed their faces dressed as a tent while Bristol’s strong definitely made an impact. A sunny Sunday saw free sailing and prize giving. All in all, an amazing weekend with even better people. 

Nationals III: Space, Preparing to Dock

The last event of the season was a massive weekend in Bristol with the ever-important BUCS up for grabs. Despite this, a big night at Kongs on Friday was followed, for many, by a follow-up in Koko or Mr Wolf. Even with this, everyone was raring to go on Saturday for a jam-packed day of racing. Beginners and advanced racers were quickly underway with the intermediate heats starting as soon as the advanced windsurfers were finished.

All packed up it was time to party starting with a big pres and Spoons bar crawl down to SWX for a silent disco. A slow start on Sunday morning due to sailors being on the lake gave people just enough time to recover from their hangovers before team racing and the freestyle competition began. BUCS medals and season prizes were given out as the sunset over Bowmoor, and just like that, the series had finished.


We have got a couple of outstanding dates for the calendar:

Committee (formerly Presidents) Training 

Dates: 14th-16th June

Location: Warwick

What it is: We want you to have the most successful year possible so this is an opportunity for all those on windy committees next year to get together for a series of interactive workshops. We will be covering topics like how to run a freshers fair stall, how to run a club, how to make the most of your finances, and how to strengthen your welfare provisions. We will also be taking event pitches that weekend so if you’re hoping to hold an event next year it is not one to be missed.


Date: Weekend of the 15th June 2024

Location: Online 

What it is: We know you all have AGMs for your uni clubs where you usually elect a new committee for the next year, the SWA’s AGM is a little different. As we are volunteers we don’t elect a new committee but instead, it is a forum for discussing the season. What went well, what we could do better, and any general news.


Photos by Rachel Titcombe, Sophie Buck, and Reid Shrubsole


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