The Student Windsurfing Association

Whether just starting a new series of events, partway through or relaxing for the holidays, the SWA committee is on a constant lookout for recruits. If you are interested in being part of one of the most exciting organisations in UK windsurfing and having something great to put on your CV, now is the time to start thinking about what role you could play.

The four teams below each have a manager responsible for ensuring that all the necessary tasks get completed and that each department continues to develop. The rest of the committee are freelance helpers who join in by doing as much as they want to whenever they have time. Each manager will provide the training for anyone who joins their team. If you like the look of one of the teams below, then drop the relevant manager a message asap!

Events Team

The events team are responsible for running the SWA festival as well as supporting the Events manager as being a point of contact and advice for the committees running the other events in the series. In the event team, we like people with a bit of experience running events, but more importantly, you need to be enthusiastic. If you've helped out at or ran a few events, got some ideas on how they could be improved then we want you. We are also looking to find people keen to help out at the SWA festival as there is always plenty to do! Being on the events team is very rewarding, good fun and a great experience if you want to go into a job involving project management (so that's pretty much every job apart from being a bin-man.)

Media Team

There are a variety of jobs to be done, but all are focussed primarily on the promotion of the SWA to the world.

If you have aspirations to be a journalist, then this is your chance to get published in national magazines. See current issues of Windsurf, Boards, Boardseeker and X-Sports magazines for the proof! Monthly writeups for several magazines and websites, you need only to be able to meet deadlines and write, simple!

This role is focussed on ensuring that the events are well publicised and that the SWA is well known in the industry. The work is creative and great experience, especially if you are interested in going into media and looking at doing a job that involves networking and making contacts (such as being a spy.) We also need avid photographers. If you are a keen photographer, like the SWA events and fancy getting your work published too, let us know.

Marketing Team

Seeking sponsorship for the SWA from companies both inside the windsurf industry and outside such as banks, writing letters and following up contacts and links in order to try to get a big company sponsor for the SWA festival and the series as a whole. With a successful letter, you could earn the SWA ££££s which will all go towards making events cheaper and better, so you play a crucial role in the overall development of the SWA. If you like flirting and networking with a whole host of people this may be for you, keeping the SWA sponsors all happy is a priority and also ensuring that they know about our events and turn up to as many as possible. You need to be a very approachable person and have good people skills as well as a desire to have a laugh with the pros!

Tech Team

Ideally suited to people with a bit of website creation experience. We currently use Joomla and code in PHP, with the site entirely open source. We are always upgrading the site, so get in touch asap if you fancy being a key player in the web team.

We're also looking for general Tech members. No real coding or web knowledge needed. This role involves managing the ticketing system, publishing articles on the website and helping our members with any technical issues. 

Nothing for you?

If you can't see the role you were looking for, contact us, and we will invent you a new (and highly impressive-sounding) job title!

Most of all we want people with enthusiasm, if you don't necessarily have all the skills, then it doesn't matter. As long as you are prepared to put the effort in, then you'll develop the skills you need. If you are interested, please contact us and let us know what you want to do!



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