The Student Windsurfing Association

Written by JP - SWA Co-founder (2006)

The short version (yes there will be a long version!) It's all about FUN!

Ok, so I don't want to bang on for hours and bore you when you should be out there having some fun, but it would be nice to inspire you just a little bit in these next few words, and hopefully help you to understand what an amazing concept the Student Windsurfing Association (SWA) is and why it is here to serve you the fun seeker!

Now, let's get something straight. Windsurfing and Students existed before Student Windsurfing was formed in 2000! We just opened up the doors to a lot more people. We saw an opportunity to make these fun events, inclusive and accessible.

Who are 'we' you may ask. Well in the early days, give or take a few crew along the way, the three amigos that took the concept to the masses were James 'JPiddy' Potten (Ex-Cardiff Uni), Sarah 'Spleena' Gebbett (Ex-Southampton Uni) and Andy 'Handy' Bramah (Ex-Cambridge Uni).

The concept we strived for was to increase the number of Student Windsurfing Clubs in the UK; to organise a calendar of events (that we published on the SWA website - god bless the internet!), and to promote our student windsurfing way of life to the outside world hopefully attracting more interest, sponsorship and students along the way. That's create something known as a community...

Because of the SWA, you could be a student at uni without a windsurfing club and still get access to windsurfing by coming to SWA events and using other clubs kit. Later followed the concept of the one-design kit (everyone sailing on the same make of board and sail). This brought fair competition to the advanced fleet as it was the best sailor who would, not the richest university.

The concept of the Aussie Kiss as a massive training event was conceived in 2002 with now MD Phil Cutter. Both of us wearing union jack thongs on a French sandy beach racing at the Student Europeans in a team called Hugh et Rection! But that's a story for another time...

We hope you enjoy this little thing called the SWA, and if I can say one thing, it would be - 'get involved, get naked and get a room!!'

James Potten (aka JPiddy) - Co-founder of the SWA

For the long version, click here -> Our History - long



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