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David Director

Directors are responsible for the really boring but important stuff, like looking after the company and dealing with contracts and HMRC etc. But, this doesn’t mean we don’t have fun! We just old. 🥲

Nicola Director

🌪️ Meet Nic, Director of the SWA (aka the "grown up" job). Having emerged from the dark pits of the University of Birmingham when uni was but a twinkle in many SWA members' eyes, Nic has managed to merge the art of windsurfing seamlessly with the wizardry of Excel spreadsheets. When not taming data, Nic unleashes their inner windsurfing wild child, riding the "Sesh" waves like a pro. Whether it's catching the perfect breeze or the perfect formula, Nic sure knows how to ride the currents of life! 🏄‍♂️📊 #WindsurfingMaverick

Rhea President

After a two year hiatus, Rhea is back with a bang as the SWA president! Nicola and David finally caught this rare pokemon and convinced her to return to her loving home of student windsurfing. Being a jack-of-all-trades, she is adding president to her long list of roles in the SWA. She started out as a Liverpool uni fresher, who couldn't tell her tack from her gybe, but she soon learned how to harness the power of the wind and how to finess a catapult. However, since graduating in 2022, Rhea is now a windsurifng azlef, a very rare sight indeed. (I don't actually know much about pokemon, I am a fraud).

Jane Secretary

Following a two year stint as SWA President, long-standing member of Liverpool University Windsurf Club Jane is the SWA's Secretary. Jane loves the SWA so much and couldn't bear to give up the student life, she totalled 10 years at Liverpool University doing three degrees! Since graduating in 2020, Jane is now working as a vet but has vowed to still come to all the events she can. When not on the water, Jane can be found propping up the bar, extolling the virtues of windsurfing to anyone polite enough to listen. She is famed for her fancy dress efforts, terrible puns, and her unparalleled ability to misplace her possessions at events. Also a Senior Intermediate Instructor, Jane loves getting as many people on the water as possible and seeing them develop.

Sebastian Head of Finance

Seb is a lifelong water baby and started life as a dirty sailor, but we’ll forgive him for that as he quickly converted to the light of windsurfing. In 2017 during his 1st year, he fell in love with the awesome speed, great company, wild nights, wiping out and all the other SWA shenanigans. To that end, he promptly became an instructor 6 months later to help liberate all other oppressed water babies and landlubbers alike. Seb has a real skill for getting other people (that aren’t his parents) to pay for things, namely his dinghy instructor, windsurfing instructor, senior instructor, power boat instructor and safety boat quals. He also knows how to trick SUs or AUs into giving clubs more money which is why while President of Bath, the club got a huge brand new kit trailer full of kit, had a budget to rival America’s defence budget and enough cash in the coffers to bail out Greece… fools. So put your orders in and let him work his magic.

Henry AK Officer

Henry Forbes, Liverpool's resident windsurfing Shaggy lookalike, brings his laid-back vibes and fabulous hair to the Student Windsurf Association (SWA) as the AK Officer. With a knack for making even wipeouts seem like a casual stroll, his catchphrase "Alright?" is a mantra for the cool crowd. When he's not catching waves, you'll find him spreading tranquility like sunscreen on a sunny day. So, if you're up for windsurfing wisdom and a hair game that's stronger than a gusty breeze, Henry's your go-to guy. 🏄‍♂️🤙

Cam Head of Events

Meet Cam Barr, Southampton's windsurfing extraordinaire and the undeniable king of puns – seriously, "Cam really raises the Barr"? Classic. As the Head of Events for the Student Windsurf Association (SWA), he's got a knack for turning a gust of wind into a full-blown party tornado. When he's not busy organizing events that could rival a concert, Cam's out on the water, defying gravity with back loops that would give even circus acrobats pause. So, if you're ready for windsurfing wizardry and a pun game that's stronger than a headwind, Cam Barr is your one-man spectacle. 🏄‍♂️🎉

Nathan Wave Officer

Yo all I'm Nat the wave Rep this year, my role is setting up and running the wave events. These are the big windsurf focused events for you more crazy senders. I've been windsurfing for 4 years and teaching for just as long, I love wave sailing my self and will be out there in the water sending it with you all.

Katie Head of Welfare

Hi, my name is Katie, and I’m here to keep you all safe and happy at our events. I started windsurfing in 2020 at University (big up Birmingham) and since then it’s become a huge part of my life. I was so lucky to find my crowd with the SWA, and I want to share that joy with as many of you as possible!

Katy Head of Media

You know all of those posts you see? All those website edits and pretty pictures? Well I don’t always create them but I’m in charge of making sure you see them. Despite not windsurfing (I have tried it though so stop slandering my good name), I’m 100% committed to the sport. I’ve been super involved in the windsurf community for 5 years, being promoted from a mere minion to head of media of SWA media in 3ish years. As a grad, I’m still committed to helping out alongside the day job. I must really like you guys. Windy love 🌊

Grace Head of Media

I’m in my 3rd Year at Southampton University, I’m the media rep for southampton uni windsurf club as well. I make the social media posts and graphics for them as well as running the tik tok and just generally helping out!

Reid Photographer

When Reid isn't lurking behind the lens, they're probably meditating on the deeper meaning of life – like why seagulls have such an attitude problem. So, if you spot Reid at SWA events, just nod and smile, and know that while their words might be scarce, their windsurfing prowess is as loud as a foghorn in a library. 📸🏄‍♂️

Kate Photographer

Introducing Kate Hatcher, Exeter's windsurfing maverick turned concussion collector – I mean, the talented photographer for the Student Windsurf Association (SWA). With an advanced windsurfing game that even aliens have heard about, she won advanced female racing at Nationals – a feat that made waves bigger than her artistry. While she might be on a first-name basis with concussions, Kate's still the nicest person you'll meet. She's so artistic, even paintbrushes are asking for tips. So, if you see her at SWA events, give a nod of appreciation for her photographic skills and her ability to keep smiling through wind, waves, and, well, the occasional bump on the head. 📸🏄‍♀️

James Design and Merch

Meet James Parsons, the design guru of the Student Windsurf Association (SWA). With artistic skills so sharp, they could cut through a wetsuit, he's the one responsible for making SWA look cooler than a polar bear in sunglasses. Whether it's creating posters or sprucing up the website, James turns pixels into a windsurfing masterpiece that even Mona Lisa would be jealous of. 🎨🏄‍♂️

Oscar Head of Tech

Windsurfing through the waves of innovation while defying the odds. Leading the tech world by day, shredding it on a windsurfboard by sunset.

Fin Head of Tech

My name is Fin I’m an advanced windsurf and VP of Southampton University Windsurf Club. I do computer science so am helping Oscar with the tech things that he doesn’t want to do.

Georgia Sponsorship Officer

Queen of the Wind turned Sponsorship guru, Georgia joined the SWA to spread positive vibes and help us grow! Tackling both grants and sponsors, her persuasive skills are poised to make the connections in order to make the SWA money, grow our recognition within the community and source amazing prizes for you all.

Jack Instructor Rep

Jack Paul Leach, a departing gift from Taffy turned SWA instructors rep. Jack can often be found freezing on a power boat or complaining about it to Katy. Whilst never actually being a student Jack is committed to windy weekends with his pals (mainly Katy, he’s a bit lonely). He's half the team in charge of our lovely instructors and finding training for those wishing to become one.

Will Instructor Rep

Assuming the role of Instructor Rep for the South, Will has committed to helping you get all the qualifications you need to teach the next generation of student windsurfers (only if you're at a Southern uni though or you'll have to talk to Jack). He himself learnt to be an instructor in a cold barn in North Wales with a woman wearing a Viking hat, make of that what you will.

Ben Tech Officer

Hey, I'm Ben. I've been Windsurfing for 15 years and want to do what I can to share my love of the sport with my uni (Warwick) and the rest of the SWA. On the tech side of things, I am great at turning stuff off and on again while trying not to break shit.


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