The Student Windsurfing Association
Not been to an SWA event before? Don't know what to expect? What you should bring? Read on to get the low down on SWA events...

No two events are ever the same, but they all tend to follow a similar layout and they are all awesome! (In the 5 years of official SWA events i have yet to go to one which wasn't good)

Friday night: eveyone arrives at the host university for registration. This is generally in the student union or another bar so sets the tone of the weekend.

Saturday: everyone heads to the water and where there will be racing/freestyle/tuition etc.

Saturday night: a meal is normally provided at the event, followed by one of the imfamous SWA saturday night partys. These are always fancy dress (with themes ranging from 'Plastic Fantastic', to 'Little Britain' or 'Superheros') and always drunken - it has been known for event parties to be sponsored by vodka importers/aftershock etc. A combination of high spirits after a good day's windsurfing, a large concentration of like minded people and the 'different area code' effect means that these parties are always amazing!

Sunday morning: hangover - bring pain killers.

Sunday: everyone heads down to the water again for more competition / tuition. This is then followed by the event prize giving, before saying sad goodbyes (until the next event) to your new found loves / friends and heading back home exhausted but happy.

What you should bring:

  • Warm clothes (I always make the mistake of thinking that i'll either be wearing a wetsuit or beer jacket so don't need a coat, and always regret it!)
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Fancy Dress
  • Cheque Book

Your president should organise to bring your uni kit and sort you out with wetsuit etc. if you dont have one, but there is always a pool of kit at the events so dont worry if you're form a smaller uni, there will be some kit for you to use.



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