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With summer in full swing the SWA committee are already hard at work preparing the best parts of the coming year. While we are keeping many of the secrets under our hats, we had one we had to share: Aussie Kiss, the biggest student windsurfing festival in the world, has a new home!

Llandegfedd from the water

SWA Odyssey Event Banner

Once again the SWA pulled it out of the bag and, thanks to the hard work of SWA Holiday Coordinator James Arney and Shaka Student Travel, we had an amazing windsurfing holiday in Vassiliki last month!

Despite Eric (the wind created by thermals from a nearby mountain) not making a proper appearance until the last few days, there was still plenty of fun to be had on and off the water. Instead of planing, there was plenty of epic light wind freestyle, and some renegade windsurfers even ditched their kit for paddle boards, kayaks and boats. It was a jam-packed holiday with watersports and partying - there was even the rare sight that is Taffy windsurfing!

Hello, and welcome to the official SWA Event Debrief™  from our last event of the season: Baylord II Gratuitous Seaquels (BUCS Nationals)!

Group Photo


Whether you missed out and couldn’t make it, or you did go and want to bask in the glow of good memories, read on to learn/recall how incredible the Baylord II event was… 

So that’s a wrap for the 2017-18 season, we hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Team pic from Nationals 

Get comfy, grab a cuppa, and get ready for the big throwback to all of this year’s events, and the round up all the competitions, series, and who won what!

NATIONALS: A Descriptions, quotes, trashtalk and tips, article by Luke Storry and Sarah Jackson  

The SWA Nationals, often fondly referred to as "Lashionals", is a crazy weekend of indoor camping and partying with all of your best windsurfing friends. It is also windsurfing’s only BUCS competition, so there is also going to be some more-serious-than-usual racing.

There are a range of races for all abilities, as well as team-racing and freestyle. All of these categories come with a huge variety of prizes from our incredible sponsors, such as windsurf equipment, a massive selection of stash (including one of those fancy new dryrobes you’ve seen around, t-shirts, and the awesome SWA sunnies), a weekend of top-quality windsurf coaching and even a crate of beer!



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