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Back from the dead! Cardiff's first event in years started off with a bang, albeit an intimate one with only the most dedicated windsurfers in attendance. The non-Cardiffians got to experience the glory that is half-off Fridays at the Taf, then headed into Studentville for a groovy night in misfits.

For the third year, students came to Southampton for a weekend of windsurfing and partying. Barely a minute after the first universities had arrived, we made the trek down into Portswood and to the Hobbit-themed cocktail – pub 'The Hobbit.' Drinks flowed, and spending an evening with new and old friends was great. Rumour has it that some even wandered over to the palace of dreams to finish the night….

Excitement could barely be contained as the new day began on Saturday morning. Safety briefing underway a mere 1.5 hrs late, a flock of students made their way onto Southampton water with a delightful 10-15 knots of wind, perfect for the 'morning' beginner session and some lovely intermediate racing. Well done to Caity Morley (Exeter) for first place, Imi Feeney (Bristol) in second, and Will Barnard (Bristol) in third.

SM3: Windsurfing

Strange coincidence that Birmingham went from bringing five freshers to AK to only one to Northern Monkey, and the wind was incredible for us. Is anyone else thinking that some sort of sacrifice to the wind gods must have occurred?

Soton Core: 2nd to 4th February 

Exeter Wave: 16th to 18th February 

Cardiff Core: 1st to 3rd March

Nationals (Bristol): 15th to 17th March

You may have heard we’re in the running for a Sports England Grant! This grant will help us source some lovely new kit for you all to use at events but we do need a little help from you all to secure it. 

They have asked that we provide feedback from CURRENT members of the SWA to inform their decision making so we (mainly Rhea and Seb) have created a form to here this. You’d be doing us a massive favour by filling it out and it can be found by clicking here!

Windy love always!

Photo by @reid.s0le


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