The Student Windsurfing Association
An elite band of dedicated windsurfers from UWE, Bristol and Exeter competing to decide which uni truly is ruler of the seas!!

The event was decided by competitions in Drinking, Speed Rigging, Speed sailing, Freestyle and Hangtime...

The SWA Festival 2004, ‘Aussie Kiss 3,’ kicked off this year’s University Windsurfing Events Series. With well over 600 students (likely to be the biggest windsurfing event ever held in the UK… and possibly the world!!!), numerous world renowned pros offering helpful advice and tips, copious amounts of student RYA qualified instructors running sessions on and off the water, a totally fantastic Saturday night party, brand new Boardwise demo kit to try, a Slalom race event and of course the awesome freestyle event in Force 7 winds on the Saturday – this weekend was one that no student could afford to miss.




The Friday night saw hundreds of students descend on the 3D centre in Osmington for enrolment.  Grabbing a t-shirt and heading to the bar to catch up with those mates that they hadn’t seen over that long hot summer.  It was also a chance for the freshers among us to grab their first glance at what a student windsurfing event is all about… meeting hundreds of like minded, up for it people desperate to get out windsurfing!  In fact, there was so much catching up to do, many didn’t get to bed until well into the early hours of the morning.



A few hours later, for some, everyone was woken up – largely to the sound of presidents drumming on their doors to get them down in time breakfast and ready to start the day!  By mid morning everyone had been split into groups and was receiving top of the range tuition from the instructors (cheers, to all those guys that offered to help out – you were brilliant).  With everything from beginners learning what windsurfing is all about to the latest freestyle moves (some instructors got as bit carried away), to the advanced receiving first class tuition and general entertainment from Jem Hall and Jim Collis, no one was left out.


When everyone arrived at the Sailing Academy by early afternoon it was already howling a constant force 7.  So, soon the freestyle comp was running - being judged by such esteemed names as Peter Hart, Jem Hall, Jim Collis, Tris Best and Jon Metcalfe.  Within minutes hundreds of students had gathered to support their uni members ripping it up with grubbies, spocks, body drags, 360s, forward loops and much much more.  The standard was phenomenal, with some of Britain’s best up and coming talent.  After a closely fought out final, Mike Wand-Tetley came away as overall winner, with a fantastic display of some very impressive freestyle moves.


Freestyle comp over and everyone bundled in their vans, heading back to the 3D centre to grab their 70s Hawaii fancy dress for the party, which was held in a huge activities centre complete with Jagermeister girls, hours of comedy dancing and some very inventive costumes!



Sunday morning started off a little slower with many slightly worse for wear students arriving at the Sailing Academy in a very confused state from the night before, with the exception of Bristol Uni club who were there and raring to go, all rigged up by 10:00 – good effort guys!   


Sunday morning gave all the freshers a chance to learn the art of mincing – a crucial talent at any windsurfing event.  But by lunchtime the first batch of beginners and intermediates were receiving on water RYA tuition under the watchful eyes of the UKWA rescue boats, John Metcalfe and Charlie Connelly.  Down the other end of the site, the advanced were getting involved in a Slalom comp organised by Oli Woodcock, RYA British Windsurfing Team Sailor and National Coach.  With the Boardwise Van on hand to offer free sailors the chance to demo the latest pre-rigged, brand new kit.


Cheers everyone for an awesome event.  Well done to all those beginners that had their first ever go at windsurfing in crazy offshore, force 5-7 winds, anything will be easy, you'll be looping before you know it!


Thanks to all our event helpers, especially to the UKWA, Jem Hall, Jim Collis, Oli Woodcock, Peter Hart, Tris Best, John Metcalfe and Charlie Connelly.  Thanks aswell to our event sponsors and supporters; Boardwise, Windtek, Starboard/Tushingham,, Extreme Sports Channel, BicSport, Straw House, Lodey Sails and Windsurf Magazine.   Also thanks to solentsailboards for donating the prize for the 'under pressure challenge' raffle - raising money for the SWA's nominated charity - the RNLI (see the write up in windsurf mag). 


Check out the event photos and the AK Forum pages on the website.  Also look out for event coverage on the BBC News, Extreme Sports Channel, in Windsurf Magazine, Boardseeker Online Mag, the Times Newspaper and many more.


Also don't forget to check out the website for the list of forthcoming events… the next being Cardiff University's ‘Reservoir Dogs’ on 6th-7th of Nov; complete with Slalom, Supercross, Freestyle comp and off course fantastic Saturday Night Party.


The freestyle competition took place on the Saturday in front of a large crowd gatherd on the quay.
The wind was about force 5-7 offshore and very gusty. Many of the competitors struggled to launch due to the large wind shaddow.

Mike from Falmouth coping very well with the light winds on the inside

The level of competition was very high with plenty of vulcans, spocks forward loops and many other combo moves including advanced fall-ins.

Many thanks to Sarah, Pete, Phil for running the competition and to Peter Hart, Jim Collis, Tris Best and Jon Metcalfe for judging. Also thanks to Boardwise for their prizes.

The stand-out performer was Falmouth's Mike Wand-Tetley who amazed the crowds with vulcans very clean forwards spocks and even some ponch attempts.


1st Mike Wand-Tetley  (gaastra/starboard)  - falmouth
2nd Adam Cropper  (tush/starboard, onboard) - southampton
3rd Olly Woodcock  (spot on water, 604distribution, mistral/north) - bournemouth
4th Lukie - exeter

5th=  Munch (riks) - southampton
         Jack - bournemouth
         Gordon - bristol
         Ed - bristol

9th=  Tom
         Henry - cambridge
         Chris - imperial
         Bob - southampton


New to the SWA Series Events, Nottingham's event rocked, check out the messy details here.


Friday night signup in the Rose and Crown, populated by a stunning number of Nottingham 'pikeys', went surprisingly well despite the mind numbingly loud music from DJ Disco Dave. Finally, he ran out of disco juice allowing us to escape to the student friendly Ropewalk Bar clad in the finest of Pondlife T-shirts. Most survived the journey despite the Southampton crew who went searching for a non-existent house party. The rest was a blur but everyone was safely housed by morning.



Bellys full of bacon sandwiches and all begins well, BUT WAIT! Pikeys strike back and smash their way into Bella's car before remembering that they were too stupid to steal it. A big sorry to Bella on that one! This was quickly followed up by massive traffic diversions and misadventures in Melton Mobray which led to severe lateness.

By twelve everyone had arrived and a modest breeze allowed beginner and intermediate racing led by four notts blonde beauties Clare, Anna, Laura and Dan. There was plenty of advanced freesailing on the fantastic Tushingham-Starboard and Boardwise demo kit, cheers Paul, Amy and Mark.

(Thank you Charlie [Leeds] for beginner instruction, despite your fake neoprene six-pack.)

Pondlife: The Party

Hmmm, what can be said? once again all began swimmingly (pardon the pun) with pizzas for all and wicked costumes of vegetables, bubble wrap, balloons, paddling pools and lots and lots of green! Then the Funnellers struck. Wielded by Morsey and Newts this devastating weapon caused carnage leading to fire alarms, ceramic duck hockey and paddling pool sumo wrestling. Matters were made worse by Sam and Andy abusing the bar manager until beer prices were reduced eventually culminating into an unnamed individual being catapulted into the DJ by a rogue paddling pool. After much apologising and agreement about the poor state of students today, the tunes began to flow once more.


  • Newton severely bruised by low flying projectile ducks
  • Postbundle-Knockedout-Random saved by Morsey who promptly dropped him Simpson?s style twice on the way outside. 
  • Extreme cold victim from Southampton being taken to casualty after attempting to walk home barefoot in a nightie.
  • A certain Mr J.Potten is sick on the dance floor (sorry notts girls) after being centrifugally slammed into multiple partygoers  on his chair at the end of a rubber paddling pool by a Mr Beaker purporting to be frogs-porn.
  • The paddling pool has it's revenge as Beaker hits the floor cheekbone first and is knocked out. (Cheers to the notts 1st-aiders for administering coors beer until he came round!) Unfortunatly it has been disovered that he will never be able to sing to McFly as loud as previously. (That's a blessing isn't it....- ed) 

Night Porter's comments:


"In Thirty years I've never seen a mess worse than this. You know that the TaeKwonDo club have to train here tomorrow barefoot."


The return of bacon sandwiches and un-showered Greenies (whose idea was it to use permanent green body paint and where the hell did they get it??-ed) to Rutland Water Caf' elped ease hangovers for all. All had assembled by eleven on the Sunday morning for a day of beginner tuition, intermediate freesailing and advanced freestlye and racing. The wind picked up through the day allowing some great advanced competitions. Thanks to Jack (Notts) for the beginner tuition and abuse on the loudhailer. The day was capped off with a Sheep chasing Techno masterblast/mud bath proudly won by Henry 'richrock-evans' (Cambridge) although Welsh Matt (Cardiff) complained the race was unfair as the sheep knew he was coming...

Thanks to Tushingham/Starboard and Boardwise for their great prizes.  And of course thanks to all the SWA event sponsors.

Congratulations to all who competed. 

Advanced Freestyle

1st. Chris Addison (Cambridge)

2nd. Dave 'Lukie' Evans (Exeter)

3rd. Adam Cropper (Soton)


Advanced Sheep Chase

1st. Henry (Cambridge)

2nd. Crispy (Cambridge)

3rd. Matt (Cardiff)


Intermediate Racing

1st. Paul Reynolds (Cardiff)

2nd. Harry Klinger (Cardiff)

3rd. Emmett English (Soton)


1st Lady. Sophie Shaw (Essex)

2nd Lady. Louise Coleville (Exeter)


Beginner Racing

1st. Harriet (Soton)

2nd. Matt (Birmingham)

3rd. Charlie (UWE)

4th. Andrea (Nottingham)

5th. Mandy (Birmingham)

6th. Al (Cardiff)


Overall University

1st. Cambridge

2nd. Cardiff

3rd. Southampton

4th. Exeter

5th= Essex & Birmingham

7th. UWE


Cardiff kicked off the SWA series with style. With beginner tuition, racing in all divisions, a very entertaining light wind freestyle competition, brilliant 'pimps, whores and Labradors' Saturday night party and much much more, Cardiff has set a very high standard for the rest of the events in the SWA Calendar of 2004-2005.


  • Participants enrol - part of event fee is donated to the charity surfers against sewage - which protect recreational waters to keep us safe and free from illness.
  • Everyone is issued with bright red Reservoir Dogs t-shirts 
  • Students descend on Cardiff student union bar, fuelled with rock (as in the sweet) and shots of some alcoholic drink being given out free, first sign of nudity from liability James (Southampton Uni) as the promotional camera man for the drink films more than he expected to in an interview.
  • Some students head to bed at random homes of Cardiff windsurfers, while the others carry on partying at the house party of one of the Cardiff Windsurf Committee.



  • Everyone wakes up surprisingly early and heads down to the reservoir.
  • No sign of wind but we rig up the beginner kit anyway.
  • By the time everything is rigged up the wind had filled in nicely and the beginners launch onto the water.  Everyone else chips in with instruction and helpful tips for them. 
  • By the time more kit is rigged up, the wind has picked up and intermediates and advanced head out onto the water.
  • By early afternoon racing is in full swing and everyone is enjoying getting wet.
  • With only a couple of hours until the party, kit is quickly packed away and everyone bundles into their mini-buses, vans and cars heading back to Cardiff to get changed into their fancy dress outfits for the party.
  • Cardiff locals watching the rugby in a sports bar in town get a shock when over a hundred students dressed as pimps, whores and Labradors (and cow/Dalmatians - think some people got a bit confused with the party theme) enter.
  • Everyone dances the night away until we are chucked out in the early hours. 
  • Many congregate in a kebab shop halfway back to their houses.



  • After a short lie, everyone heads to the reservoir and soon beginner racing and a freestyle comp for all is in full swing.
  • As always the Boardwise van is on hand to provide a fantastic range of demo kit to try.
  • Marked on style as well as technique, there were some very entertaining entrees and moves in the Boardwise freestyle comp.  E.g. the winner, Mikey P of Southampton Uni, is decked out in skin tight shiny blue trousers, a furry full length coat and aviators.  
  • Cardiff excels with the prizes; from Naish harnesses to luggage bags and hoodies to dvds.
Congratulations to all who competed.


Advanced Racing

1st. James Day (Oxford)

2nd. Sam Stevens (Southampton)

3rd. Keith Phillips (Cardiff)

1st. Lady. Emily Shaw (Bristol)

Intermediate Racing

1st. Erica Phillips (York)

2nd. Chris Sharp (Cardiff)

3rd. Stephen Prince (Liverpool)


Freestyle Competition

1st. Mike Parker (Southampton)

2nd. James Day (Oxford)

3rd. Ben Fairclough (Exeter)


Overall University

1st. Southampton

2nd. Cardiff

3rd. Liverpool


Q. When is a Windsurf Competition not a Windsurf Competition???? A. When it's the Exeter event and 50 windsurfers go mountain-boarding and surfing!!!


Thanks to MountainWater Experience for having us all and providing awesome accomodation and food!

Thanks also to the club's sponsors for their help and prize donations.


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